Monday, January 17, 2011

Goodnight Tweetheart by Teresa Medeiros

Abigail Donovan is an Author who is down on her luck. It has been a while since her first novel was chosen as one of Oprah’s book picks. Now, Abigail can't get anyone to come to her book signings. Instead she is asked to dress up in bunny costume and reading another author’s book to children.

If Abigail can't finish her next book she will be out of a job. Now here is where it begins. Abigail’s agent signed her up for a Twitter account. She knows nothing about twitter but is still willing to give it a shot. While jumping on Twitter for the first time is where she meets Mark Baynard. Mark is a total pro on Twitter. Since Abigail needs a crash course Mark will show her the ropes. Soon Abigail and Mark are carrying on conversations that are absolutely hilarious.
This is the first book I have read by Teresa Medeiros and I loved it! I loved the fact it had to deal with Twitter. *grins* Goodnight Tweetheart will captivate you. It's not only funny and romantic, but emotional at parts. I cried. Although there is break your heart crying and happy crying don't let that put you off. It is an excellent read. I can't say enough how much I loved this book. It touched my heart and made love the characters.
You will get a complete surprise. As they are tweeting you kinda get the feeling that something is going on but you will love it because it is all apart of the mystery in there conversations. I really felt a connection to Abigail and Mark. Both were actually very appealing. I was totally rooting for them to meet and get together. Mark was a sweetheart himself. The connection they shared was genuine. The ending was great. I would recommend this book. Now that I have been introduced to this talented author, I am looking forward to reading more books she has written and the ones she will continue to write.Goodnight Tweetheart is a must read!

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