Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Instant Attraction (Wilder #1) by Jill Shalvis

This is the first book in the Wilder Series and boy does it get off to a great start!

Katie Kramer is the only survivor of the tragic collapse of the Santa Monica Bridge. It her time to head off into the world and find some new adventures. It just so happens her first adventure lands her in the beautiful Sierras, working for Wilder Adventures as an office temp. But will she stay when things don't go as planned?

Cameron Wilder was
snowboarding Olympic gold medal winner who was involved in an accident that left him having to leave his career behind. Now he is back from traveling the world and trying to get his life back on track. He's lost so much, but he returns to the family business. What he didn't expect was to find Katie not only in his cabin, but in his bed. 
Though they are strongly attracted to each other, they each have their own issues to overcome the traumas in their lives. The story of how they do by themselves and together is outstanding. Shalvis blesses this story with heartbreaking and humorous moments.
I’m glad she made their struggles so realistic. I think besides the romance that was the best part of the story. You want to be able to connect to the the characters in some way or another and connect you Shalvis does. Their attraction happens to be instant but slowly acted upon. Shalvis lets the sexual tension build that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Jill Shalvis is one of my favorite authors. Her books are absolutely fantastic, the dialogue is witty, the love scenes are oh so steamy, and the characters so much fun to get to know. The only parts that I wasn't to fond of where the ones with Serena. I did not take a liking to her at first even though she is Cameron's ex-girlfriend. But when Serena spends time with Katie I began to see the picture in clear form. One of my favorite scenes is when Katie (who doesn't drink) happens to get drunk with her. I was laughing at loud.

I just loved Katie and Cam. Katie had such determination to try new things and to try not to be afraid of them. Cam was such sweetheart as the story progressed even considering the life he has been living. 

Jill Shalvis should be on every one's to read list. Her books keep you interested from the beginning to the end. Because of her I have decided I want a Wilder of my very own. I am really excited to finish this series and even move on to another series by her. I would recommend this book for sure.

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