Monday, January 24, 2011

Feed the Fire by Melissa Ecker

I think there is something to say for a man in a uniform and needless to say Cade does wear it well. Not only is Melissa Ecker talented but brings a new excitement to romance. Feed the Fire is book three in this series and what a treat it is.

Olivia Andrews returns to Memory Grove for her best friend's wedding after 8 long years. She does not want to get involved with the sexy fireman Cade but finds herself in his bed. Now there is no turning back for her when some secrets come to light. Their affair suddenly turns complicated when an unexpected visitor for Cade and parts of Olivia's past come into their future. Can love actually overcome everything?

I absolutely loved the fact that we got a chance to see the characters from the previous two books. All for Olivia's best-friends wedding and while in town she has it’s the best time to return home and begin a whole new life.

Cade offers to help her out, but he doesn't realize that by doing this, will turn his world upside down. Although, Olivia has a lot of work to do to overcome her past, the one person she can count on is Cade.  Finally she is happy for the first time in a long freaking time, but is having a little trouble adjusting to her new life. She just isn't used to not looking over her shoulder every step of the way anymore.

Throughout the story, Olivia's character grows into herself and becomes the person she was meant to be. Cade is a giving man. Her true perfect match. Not many guys have the patience to help you work through issues or nightmares but he wants a partner and will be there every step of the way. But not only is Olivia dealing with  issues, but he has a few on his plate.

Feed the Fire is awesome book. From now on Melissa Ecker is on my read list. I definitely recommend this series and you will not be disappointed. I am excited to see what will come next. 

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