Sunday, January 30, 2011

Captive Spirit (The Dark Crescent Sisterhood #4) by Anna Windsor

Trapped by temptation, bound by desire
Saving humanity from the supernatural has been challenging lately—even for a well-trained earth Sybil like Bela Argos, who must harness the magic of a fractious group of warrior sisters and battle a new wave of paranormal attacks. Another challenge is Duncan Sharp, the hunky NYPD detective who might turn into a demon overnight and devour Bela in her sleep. Still, the darkness taking over Duncan’s body can’t stop the molten heat unleashed by the intense attraction between them.
Duncan has two major problems: First, he has the soul of a suspected serial killer hitching a ride on his vibe. Worse (yes, worse) he’s got a demonic fever raging inside that promises a world of hurt for everybody, especially Bela. Now he’s all about getting even with the demons that put this freak curse in his blood—satanic forces that dare to unleash their savage lust on Duncan’s soul, his city, and the woman he loves.

This is the fourth book of Anna Windsor's Dark Crescent Sisterhood series. If you haven't yet read the first trilogy you have no idea what you are missing. For this series a little background info is in order. So much happens  in the first three books I wouldn't want you to miss a single beat.  The series is about  women who can kick some ass with elemental powers, called Sibyls. They fight demons and the forces of darkness to make the world a better place. This series has plenty of action, sex appeal, and strong story line that keeps you just captivated by its characters and intriguing plot. 

Bela Argos is a earth sibyl that has lost her fallen comrades in a major battle. Now against all the advice she has been given, she is recruiting other Sibyls who are as devastated by their losses as Bela is, to join her quad. Not only is Bela determined to bring them all together for the sake of the mission, but the sooner she can pull it off, the better, because there's a new battle on the front. And everyone will need to be ready and in place for it.  

Duncan Sharp is a warrior and protector to the bottom of his soul. Being one of New York City's finest. He's tough enough to take on anything, well, except maybe the otherworldly threat behind some violence that has been going on. Caught up in the conflict between Sibyls and demons, Duncan will find himself sharing his body with another soul. The soul is threatening to take him completely over but can the Sibyls can help him now.

Although I liked this book, I just feel more of an connection to the previous books more then I did with this book. Some of the scenes here with Duncan are written fan freaking static. Windsor lets you for sure live out every moment she has written. Not only do you get a chance for the romance but the romance its self keeps your interest.

Bela was kind of hard to connect with her. I connected with her quad more than her, but still I felt she was missing something. Now don't get me wrong she isn't a bad character, I just think I expected more from her from hearing about her in the first three books. And there was plenty of buildup for that. I did enjoy reading this book, I was dying to know how will everything play out in the world Anna Windsor has created. 

Although I didn't love this book as much as I was expecting, I am still looking forward to the rest of their journey to saving the world. Next up is Captive Soul and I am dying to start it and get all the answers to my unanswered questions.

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