Sunday, May 22, 2016

Review: One Lucky Hero by Codi Gary

She was looking for a little fun…
Violet Douglas wants one night where she can be normal. Where she can do something for herself and not be just her sibling’s guardian. So when she spies a tall, dark and sexy stranger, she’s ready to let her wild side roar. The last thing she expects is to see her one night stand one week later, when she drags her delinquent kid brother to the Alpha Dog Training Program. 
He wasn’t looking for a commitment…
Sgt. Dean Sparks is used to keeping women at a distance, and yet he can’t resist Violet’s snapping wit or smile. So when he suggests a friends-with-benefits arrangement, it seems like the perfect solution to their undeniable attraction. No emotional entanglement, just mind-blowing sex.
But with their lives becoming more and more entwined, Dean realizes that casual isn't enough for him anymore. And as Violet finds herself leaning on Dean in a way she never has, will her fears put more distance between them? Or can she let go of the past, and take a chance on happily ever after?

After reading I Need A Hero which is the prequel/ introduction to the Men in Uniform series I knew I was going to love this series. I mean who doesn't like hot military alpha men who get knocked sideways by their heroines?! And with One Lucky Hero it did not disappoint. While reading the prequel is encouraged, it's not necessary.

In One Lucky Hero we meet Violet who just wants to be normal for a day. After loosing her mother to suicide and chasing off her drug addicted father, Violet has raised her younger sister and brother. When attending an outdoor concert with her best friend she meets Dean and maybe thinks just one night wouldn't hurt but she had no idea she would be seeing him again and soon.

Dean isn't looking for a relationship and is waiting to get back on active duty. After spending the night with Violet he knows she is different but after giving her his number he knows he won't hear from her again. Color him surprised when he sees her again with her younger brother at the Alpha Dog training center where he works. Dean knows he should leave her alone but the closer they become the harder he falls.

These two characters were so much a like in so many ways I just loved them. Violet and Dean definitely have the stubbornness factor going on and love helping people but when it comes down to themselves they don't want help. From the beginning I loved the attraction between these two and their  relationship is mainly push/pull for the entire story.

I also enjoyed meeting Dean and Violet's friends. I can already tell I'm going to love their stories when it's their turn. Best is the one I'm looking forward to reading  the most!

Gary included a some tough situations and subjects in this storyline that had my heart breaking for these characters but she also included some witty and sweet moments that made me just enjoy this story to the fullest. I really enjoyed the while Alpha Dog concept and that helped make the story even better.

As far as the ending went I felt what happened was a little expected but I did enjoy that it had a epilogue so that we got to touch base with the characters and see what happened to them in the future.

If you're looking for a new military romance with a twist to sink your teeth into I'm definitely recommending this one.

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