Friday, May 20, 2016

Review: For The Win by Sara Rider


Review :
For the Win is the first book in The Perfect Play series by debut author Sara Rider and already I'm looking forward to reading book two. I have read a lot of sports romance books but not many about soccer and to top that off none about women's soccer so For the Win was a real treat! 

I want to start off by saying I really enjoyed this book. It's hilarious, sexy and the characters are ones I look forward to seeing again and again. 

Lainey is the top soccer star in her field and while she plans to win the World Cup again she needs to focus but when Gabe starts pushing her buttons it leads to a battle of sexes that everyone will remember. Lainey and Gabe try to get the best of one another while this event is broadcasting on live tv and omg is some of this hilarious! I really enjoyed how Ms. Rider didn't make this all about soccer (since I know nothing about the sport) but made it fun which only made me enjoy this story more. 

I really enjoyed Lainey, she was strong, independent, goal oriented and a little socially awkward but she was a great heroine. Her development through the story of making friends and finding love made her enjoyable to read about. Gabe who is the hometown hero was sexy, charming, and really had it all but with Rider's description of him it was good to know he had some flaws. I really enjoyed how Gabe starts flirting with Lainey and she doesn't take to his advances but with each time they get within a foot of one another the sparks start to fly and tension starts to rise. 

The dialogue is funny and I felt the story was fast paced. I couldn't find a moment where I felt the story was dragging in any way. The romance was perfectly written and not rushed and these two characters just didn't jump into bed. Although the story was about soccer and it did focus on that I enjoyed the whole battle of the sexes theme and how it played out. 

The secondary characters also brought in some funny moments and made me really want to read about them. It looks like Jainey's story will be next and I can't wait! She has a great sense of humor and turned out to be a really good friend to Lainey even if it didn't start out that way. 

One of my favorite lines is this book was "cock or spoon"? If you're  interested in finding out more you definitely have to read For the Win. You won't be disappointed! Rider is definitely a new author to look forward to reading and I personally can't wait for more of her work in the future.

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