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Review: Loving a Lawman: A Cattle Creek Novel by Amy Lillard

Loving a Lawman: A Cattle Creek NovelLoving a Lawman: A Cattle Creek Novel by Amy Lillard

As cowboys, the Langston brothers of Cattle Creek, Texas, know it can hurt like hell to fall off a horse. But it can hurt even more to fall in love. . . .
Sheriff Seth Langston is head over heels for local wild child Jessie McAllen and has been for years. The trouble is she has eyes only for Seth’s rodeo star brother, Chase. Even though he considers Jessie his girl, Chase is an incorrigible ladies’ man with a wandering eye and no chance of settling down soon.

Jessie is ready to move away from Cattle Creek to put her feelings for Chase behind her, but after she shares a white-hot kiss with Seth, things get a little complicated. Jessie realizes her heart should have been his all along. And in the face of sudden tragedy, they’ll discover if their newfound passion will tear the Langston men apart or make the family stronger than ever. . . .

Paperback, 304 pages
Expected publication: July 5th 2016 by Signet

This is my first book by Lillard and I'm already looking for for more. One of things that jumped out at me right away was her writing style and honestly I really loved her voice while telling this story or Jessie and Seth.

I'm hoping this is the first book in a new series to come. In this book we meet a sheriff who has been in love with his brothers girl for most of his life. In the story of Seth and Jessie I couldn't believe that Seth could actually go after his brothers girlfriend but as the story started to unfold it made so much more sense.

Without giving too much away Jessie does end up with the right brother but I loved the twists of the story that Lillard incorporated. One minute I wasn't really liking the heroine and in the next I was like if I was Jessie I would be telling some people where to go. Jessie is a heroine that got the short end of the stick in many ways but her character and personality just stood out!

Seth was omg sweet as pie and from the moment the story begins, you could see how deep his love went for Jessie. I honestly really loved how these two got together and how much I wanted them to be together.

Of course in any romance you have some drama or tragedy but this story has both. It's not over the top or annoying but it really helped make the story so much better and realistic in my eyes. There were moments when I was in total shock and then in tears.

Like I mentioned before I am really hoping this is the start of a new series because these brothers sound totally delicious and cattle creek sounds like a great place to visit.

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