Saturday, May 21, 2016

Review: Heart Of A Bad Boy by Sugar Jamison


The King Men are definitely on the map. This is the third book in the Destiny series and I really enjoyed getting to know the youngest King brother, Levi better. If you haven't read the previous books fear not this could be read as a standalone but I do suggest starting from the beginning. While each book is about a different brother the stories all take place at the same time when they return to their hometown of Destiny, Nevada. 

For a bit of a background on this fine and successful men they were once considered trash. They were the sons of the town drunk and when their father left they went to live with their Aunt Lolly who raised them. Now they are more then successful but are asked to return to the town who turned on them because Lolly is in the hospital and they owe her a lot. 

As soon as Levi returns to Destiny his first stop is to see his childhood best friend Shelly. While they have kept in touch through gifts, letters and phone calls they haven't seen each other since Levi left town. What Levi didn't expect was his best friend to be a knock out and oh boy is he surprised. I really liked how shocked Levi was to see Shelly and to actually notice how grown up and beautiful she has become. At first I was thinking Shelly came off as prudish but during the letters that she wrote
Levi I really enjoyed how open she was about her life. 

While Shelly has always loved Levi she knows that nothing will ever become of them but the more time they spend together and the more Levi has her trying new things and opening up the more I could see how close and meant to be they actually were. Levi right away knows that he is attracted to her and wants her but I love the fight he gives himself until he can't handle it anymore. These two had not only great chemistry but a real long lasting friendship. 

With each book the stories get better and I love the humor that Jamison brought to her characters. I'm hoping this isn't the end to the Destiny series because their are some more characters that have captured my interest and I hope they get a chance at a HEA.

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