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Review: Blood Justice by David Burton

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"About to die during a failed attempt to kill one of the men responsible for her daughter's death, Justine Kroft is saved by Simone Gireaux, a 350 year old vampire. Justine envies her rescuer's strength and speed and convinces Simone to make her a vampire, as well. At first Simone is reluctant, but she knows what it means to lose a loved one to brutal murderers.

With the help of Justine's only true friend, Teresa Diaz (a mortal whose daughter is missing) and Detective Harry Frazer (who has loved Justine for years), Justine and Simone join forces to find and kill the mortal men involved in her daughter's death. But the real killer is Stephan Sinakov, the self-anointed Master of the Sinakov Vampire Family. In their final confrontation with Sinakov, Justine must make a choice between her daughter and the mortal man whose love for her has put his life on the block."

In the beginning the story takes place with the murder of Justine's daughter. Justine comes to find out that her daughter is murdered by vampires. Now Justine will stop at nothing to finally get to the bottom of her daughters murder.

Justine happens to cross paths with a 350 year old vampire names Simone. After they meet Simone agree to help Justine avenge her daughters death. But Simone has his own revenge to take on.

Okay well for starters I had a really hard time getting into this book. I mean I kept putting the book down and picking it back up over a dozen times. Not only was the story lacking but a little predictable. I mean Justine wants to become a vampire to avenge her daughter not because she wants to be one. Now that I couldn't stand.

The plot was so so I mean the only good part was the revenge part and that could have even been better. The one part I did actually enjoy was the way Justine's grief was wrote. I mean not only did she loose her husband 10 years ago but he daughter was murdered. In a way I felt bad that she lost her whole family.

Overall this was not a book for me. Maybe someone else could enjoy it more than I did it's not that it's bad just not what I am used to.

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