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Review: Darkness at Dawn by Elizabeth Jennings

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"A threat to the Himalayan Kingdom of Nhala unites Army Captain Mike Shafer and Lucy Merritt, an expert restorer of manuscripts. A deadly ancient prophecy of the world's end is manifesting-and so is their attraction to each other. Can they save the world and their chance at love?"
Paperback, 304 pages
Expected publication: July 5th 2011 by Berkley
ISBN 0425242129 (ISBN13: 9780425242124)
primary language English

Lucy is the daughter of two former CIA agents who passed away in the county of Nhala. She lives an isolated life , well that is until her Uncle sends her back uncover to the place she lost her parents.

Something is brewing over in Nhala that has the United States wanting to get to the bottom of it. Lucy just so happens to have been invited by the Princess of Nhala. The Princess wants her to examine and authenticate a manuscript. The princess is hoping Lucy can finally set things straight and have the U.S. government to help her.

Captain Mike Shafer was on assignment over in Alaska before he was pulled from that mission to accompany Lucy over seas. Mike not only has the mission of keeping Lucy safe but to find the USB drive that was on a agents body. One would think this mission would be simple but they can't leave the country until the manuscript is finally finished.

Overall I thought this book was just okay. Honestly it didn't have enough romance in it for me. I wanted more of how Mike and Lucy come together. The sex scenes weren't what I thought they could have been. But one thing that was a plus were the amazing action scenes. When Elizabeth Jennings was explaining them I totally felt like I was there right beside them. The point of views in the book were especially good and amusing at times.

I am looking forward to not only reading Jennings next release but her previous release Shadows at Dawn. If you want an action packed book with a tad of romance this is the one for you. Happy Reading!

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