Thursday, July 14, 2011

Guest Post & Giveaway with Author Jillian Chantal

Today I want to Welcome Author Jillian Chantal who I absolutely adore. *waves* Thanks Jillian for stopping by I really do appreciate it. So take it away....

Thanks, Danielle for having me here today. I love you and your blog and I'm excited to be with you and tell your readers about my latest release. It's called Redemption for the Devil. It takes place in 1920. It starts off in Ireland, moves to an ocean liner crossing the Atlantic Ocean, moves to New York and Chicago and then to the Arctic Ocean. It features fictionalized versions of real historical figures and even has a mobster or two show up.

The hero is a sexy Irish man that is a member of the Irish Republican Army. He's on a suicide mission to blow up an ocean liner. He thinks he has nothing to live for since he was recently released from Dublin Prison for taking part in the Easter Rebellion and his family has disowned him for bringing shame on them.

The heroine's father is missing and presumed dead in the Arctic. She leaves her home when her cousin arrives to take over the family business and tries to force her into marriage.

They meet on the RMS Mauretania and sparks fly. Liam is torn between his duty and his desires.

I hope you enjoyed this little blurb about the book and will check out the trailer (it's less than 2 minutes long). Here's the link:

My hero is based on a young Alan Rickman because that man can sneer with the best of them and this hero is a real professional himself at sneering. Liam's a bit of a devil and that helped me choose the title of the book. I usually have an actor/model in mind as my inspiration for the stories I write so I can give him a face as I write his dialogue. I trust you'll substitute your favorite sneering lad as Liam in your head. I hope you have a great time reading about Liam and Peg's adventure.


The two men Rena talked about noticed them and crossed the floor to where Peg and Rena stood. The taller one said, "I'm Devlin Cosgrove and this is me mate, Liam Cormac. And you ladies are..."

"Ooh, Peg, they's from your homeland. Hear that accent?" Rena said with glee.

Peg made eye contact with the two men. "Where do ye live?"

Devlin sketched a bow. "We hail from Dublin, Miss Peg. You?"

She said, "Cork."

Liam lifted one eyebrow and said, with a leer, "Let me guess. Your friend called you Peg. But you're really Miss Mary Margaret Whatever, nice Irish Catholic girl, go by Peg to seem informal but wouldn't open your legs for a man without a wedding ring, right? That sum it up?"

Peg gasped, stunned that a man she'd just met made such a statement. She wasn't so shocked as to be paralyzed, though, and she smacked him across the mouth, the sound carrying a bit even in the loud room. "How rude you are. You're not a nice man."

"Never said I was, did I ma'am? I can tell by the dress you have on, the thick stockings and the long hair braided on top of your head that you're wound tighter than the ropes holding this ship to its berth. I've been around the Catholics enough to know how rigid the women can be. Good luck to the man that tries to pull your dress over your head." With that last comment, Liam bowed at them, stalked off across the room and straight to a girl with bobbed hair and in a flapper-style dress.

"Well, Gor! What an ass your friend is," Rena said to Devlin.

Devlin said, "Ignore him, he's a bit uncouth. He's back in society after a three or four year break. Forgot how to talk to women. Especially the Catholic ones, Protestant yob that he is."

"Was he in prison?" Rena asked in a whisper.

"Not for me to say," Devlin replied with a shrug. "Now, what's your name?"

"I'm Rena Comstock."

"Rena, will you dance with me?" asked Devlin.

"Sure I'll dance. I love the Charleston." She turned to Peg. "You don't mind, do ye?"

"No," Peg said. "Go, have fun."

Peg headed to the bar and ordered a straight Paddy's Irish whisky, neat. She leaned on the wall near the bar to enjoy the drink. Taking a deep breath, she savored the smell of the liquor. Her da's favorite brand.

As she savored her first sip of the elixir, Liam walked over. "You must really be from Cork to be drinking Paddy Flaherty's whisky. Straight." He indicated her glass. "It'll grow hair on your chest."

"Did ya think I was lying about where I lived?" Peg snarled at the man she'd smacked just a few minutes prior, stunned at his audacity in approaching her again. Her hand itched to make contact with his face again.

"Can't trust many folks these days, Mary Margaret."

"Why are you here? You dismissed me as not worth your time. Why are you talking to me now?"

"I merely came over for a refill, Mary Margaret. Can't I be neighborly while I wait for my drink?" He leaned his elbows on the bar."

Or it will also be available at Barnes and and

I'm giving away a free e-book to one commenter. Leave me a comment as to which locale you'd rather be: Ireland, New York, Chicago or the Arctic and why you chose that place.

You can find me on the web here:

Thanks Jillian for stopping by and I hope to have you back soon.  Good luck everyone!!


  1. Hey Danielle!! Thanks again for having me here. I'm glad you asked me to pop in. Waving madly back at you!!!

  2. Yay! I've been waiting for this book to arrive, especially since that cover came out. As for locale? I'd pick the Arctic. It's on my bucket list of places to see before I die. I'm not sure why, except that I like visiting places not a lot of folks have been to. And I'm always picking cold weather vacations. My husband says one of these days we're heading for sunshine. :)

  3. Laurie- thanks for coming by and commenting. As a Florida girl, I also like to travel to places where I can get cool, so maybe I'll join you in the Arctic Circle. Brrr.

  4. Right now after moving to AZ from CO anyplace with a chill would be nice. But I would probably say Ireland cause I've always wanted to visit.
    Good lick with your book Jillian.

    Tina Pinson

  5. Cant wait to read the book. Of course, no contest; IRELAND. Wanted to go for my 50th birthday with my best friend from high school, but she is on her way to Italy instead!

  6. Tina- that is a big change- I've been to Colorado and it's chilly to me even in August. Az is a big change even if it's just over the hill (read mountain). Thanks for the good wishes.

  7. Anonymous who I know, your friend had to take her son to Italy this year, but we ARE going to Ireland-and I think you are barely 50 and we want to prolong the celebrations, right? so let's shoot for the spring of 2012. I really am going to go with you, my friend.

  8. I'd pick two, Ireland because I've always wanted to go there and the Arctic because I want to see Greenland. Your excerpt for Redemption For The Devil was well chosen.

  9. Thanks Lavada. I love all the destinations so I had my hero visit them all, this hero has a special place in my heart.

  10. I have wanted to go to Ireland for quite a while now. Since starting to read Historical Romances, I have wanted to visit Great Britian (England, Scotland, Ireland) to explore the old building and especially the old castles.

  11. Oh June, you would love it. The British Isles are awesome.

  12. I've lived in Chicago for a couple of years (when a toddler), and lived in the Arctic for nearly a year (while in the Air Force), and I've been to NYC.
    I'd like to visit Ireland. And always have since I saw the movie, "Quiet Man" with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara.

  13. Jeff sometime we have To Talk about The arctic. Love the quiet man, too

  14. I would love the opportunity to visit Ireland. I'd love to see the lush green fields and mountains, listen to words spoken with an Irish brogue, and to absorb the history. The Quiet Man was a great movie - I loved it, too.

    Interesting excerpt!

  15. I've always wanted to see Ireland...must be in my blood! It calls to me....

    mk261274 at gmail dot com