Saturday, July 16, 2011

Review: Heat Waves by Susan Lyons

"Get ready...things are going to get hot.

Liz and Peter can't think of a sexier, more fun place to get married than the Greek Islands. And they're not the only ones looking for a steamy holiday, cruising into the sunset. Their friends, family, and even wedding planner and cruise director are on their own searches for some satisfaction on the waves..."

There is nothing more perfect then 2 stories rolled into one. Especially when they fall together so perfectly. Both of these amazing couples are sailing on the love boat over the Greek Islands and I can so picture everything so perfectly it makes me jealous to the core. But which couple can make more waves? 

Rock the Boat is about a Widowed wedding planner named Gwen Austin who is convinced it is time to start living her life in more than one way. Starting a new life isn't going to be easy but she has the drive and determination to get it done. While on assignment in the Greek Islands she meets the sexy cruise director Santos Michaelides. Immediately a connection is made and the sparks cant or should I say wont stop flying. But when Gwen finds out he is really a undercover insurance investigator she is worried he will ruin all her hard work on the wedding she has planned. 

Not only is Santos attracted to Gwen but he is sure trying to rock the boat with her and hopes it doesn't tip over. Santos ends up swooning Gwen but she isn't so sure she is ready to get so involved especially with him. With the cruise coming to end, Can their summer lovin last?

For some reason I really felt connected to Gwen. I mean I couldn't imagine losing my husband and having to start a new life. Not change who she is but to get back out there find a new career and maybe even a guy. I gave her a lot of credit because she was a strong heroine. Santos was  the sexy Greek god I would leave my hubs for in a heart beat. LOL I mean he has the walk and the talk *swoons* This was the perfect romance story as far as I am concerned. I mean just the story line got me hooked, lined and sinker. (that's how you say it right? ) Anyway, this story made my heart swell and bring tears to my eyes. I love stories that can make you think what would you do. It made a strong statement that even though life happens, you can still pick up the the remaining pieces and make the best with what you are given. Then overall embrace that like the strong woman you are. Way to go Susan!

Now on the second story that is all wrapped into one. Well, come to find out that Santos is actually investigating Flynn Kavanagh for the theft of over a million dollars. But to Flynn's surprise on this cruise he runs into the prosecuting attorney who tried him on his case. Kendra Kirk not only likes to work but enjoys it to the end. She goes on this cruise to relax and have a great time with her family, but when she runs into Flynn the plans seem to change as quickly as they started. Now don't get me wrong the sexy Flynn isn't happy to see her either. The funny thing is the sparks that are flying off these two and when I say just happens to be wow!

Now Flynn doesn't like Kendra for her the part she took in, in the trail but I think he is more mad at himself for not getting involved with her when the sparks first started flying when neither of them knew who the other was. Now they know its wrong to get involved and want to keep every detail secret but the fact of the matter is they can not keep their hands off each other but who can blame them with all that tension that has built up. Kendra will have to learn how to put her work on the back burner as they start making waves.

Lyons made every character so lovable I just didn't want it to end. This story was more than a story it was honestly the perfect blend of romance, hot sex and of course trust. I was sorry to see it come to a end but as they say all good things must. Lyons has intrigued me to read some of her other stories and I think it is safe to say she has totally gained a new fan. I hope everyone who reads this thinks of love and hope because really and honestly that is what I thought. It was so much more than some hot sex. Enjoy the love boat and Happy Reading!

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