Monday, March 12, 2012

Review: King of the Isles by Debbie Mazzuca

She'll find him a bride if it's the last thing she does.

And it very well might be. Evangeline may be powerfully persuasive in her way, but convincing the notoriously wild highland king Lachlan MacLeod to strengthen his alliances with a strategic marriage seems to be asking the impossible. Stubborn and proud, Lachlan seems determined to go against her will, even if it means endangering the people he's sworn to protect and the enchanted isle that has already seen so much discord.

Yet the battle-scarred Highlander cannot ignore his sultry advisor for long. When his mentor is kidnapped, forcing him to ride into combat alongside the beautiful Evangeline, he must choose between her safety and his own independence. It's a choice he makes in an instant. . .but once wed to the woman he could not resist, he'll soon find that his heart is in even greater danger than his kingdom. . .
Review by Lynelle:

First off, I love this series! This is the 3rd book in Debbie’s Men of the Isles series based around a family of Scottish Highlanders the MacLeod family (yum).

Lachlan MacLeod is half fae/half human and is the King of the Fae of the Enchanted Isles. Lachlan has been king for 2 years and is seen (in the eyes of Evangeline) as doing little consuming himself with women and drinking and not taking his position seriously. Prior to becoming king he was tortured by humans because of his fae blood. He has always had a difficult time embracing that part of himself as his human father tried to kill him at a young age and being shunned by others once they learn he is part fae. He is a sexy drool worthy highlander who is very stubborn and has closed off his heart and emotions.

Evangeline is the most powerful and feared sorceress of the fae. She has been living in the shadow of her mother, who was pretty evil, and almost everyone fears she will become evil as well, especially her father, who has been trying to rid the fae of her “evil” blood. She doesn’t have many people close to her. Evangeline is a very loyal person and tries to make up for her mom’s mistakes. She has lived a very lonely life and has dedicated it solely to protecting the fae by any means.
When war with another Fae kingdom threatens to break out, Lachlan and Evie must work together, despite how much they dislike each other. There is great action, and definite emotional turmoil. Both Lachlan and Evie have both had a very difficult past and have a hard time trusting others and they try to fight against their attraction for each other. This causes a lot of suffering between them as they struggle to open themselves up to trust each other. It broke my heart on several occasions, which was usually Lachlan being hard-headed and jumping to conclusions without taking the time to listen to Evie.

I absolutely love this series and this book met my expectations I have set from the first two books. If you enjoy historical romance/paranormal all mixed together this would be a great series to read! I’d definitely recommend starting with the previous books Lord of the Isles and Warrior of the Isles, but it’s not necessary in order to enjoy this book.


  1. I do love the highlander romances and this one mixed with fantasy sounds great.

    Thanks for sharing your review!

  2. This is a new to me author and series. I am going to have to check out this series. I do love anything to do with highlanders.