Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Review: One Night Steined (Love Bots #4) by Daisy Harris

Kuriko Mai is a stein with an issue. She never remembers sex. Nor does she recall meeting the men she finds in her bed. Cursed with flawed programming, she’s all but given up hope of having a normal life. However, after years of watching her suffer, her boss Frank can’t stand it anymore, and he’s determined to make her remember any way he can.

Frank has always loved Kuri. And when he finds himself in a heated embrace with her, he can’t walk away—even knowing she may not remember him in the morning. But when it’s obvious Kuri recalls moments of the passion they shared, the two decide to become lovers in hopes Frank holds the key to ending her malfunctioning programming. Their plan backfires when their erotic experience opens a floodgate of memories so painful, Kuri breaks down.

In order to move forward, Kuri has to face her past. She just doesn’t know if she can risk the pain loving Frank could cause.

Reviewed by Lynelle:

This is the 4th book in Daisy Harris’s Love Bots series. A couple of her other books in this series has crossed my path and I was a little hesitant about if I wanted to read them because I wasn’t sure what I thought about the whole Zombies or “Steins” thing. Steins are the reanimated dead who are programmed with characteristics and used by humans. When I think of Zombies I’m thinking The Walking Dead, but it was easy to get past that idea with this story.

Frank King is a stein and the leader of Zombie Underground who’s made it his mission to rescue steins and work to reprogram them and help them live a normal life. He seems lonely and self-conscious about his appearance due to many scars and being patched together with different colored skin. He appears overbearing and trying to manage the others, but is just trying to do what he thinks is best. Frank really cares for Kuriko Mai, a fellow stein that he rescued. Kuri was programmed as a prostitute and who doesn’t remember her sexual encounters. She is strong and tries to be accepting of her limitations and glitches that she has no control over which causes her to fall back on her prostitute programming. She is pretty stubborn and fights to prove she can be independent.

I enjoyed Frank and Kuri’s story and really the only thing that bugged me was that when Kuri started to get bombarded with memories.. she runs away. I get it, it’s over whelming, Frank can be pretty overbearing, but she left everyone and everything she knew. I didn’t get how she’d want to go off on her own knowing what she’s done when she “glitches” and blacks out. This was a quick read and I enjoyed it and the outcome of the story. After meeting some of the other characters I plan to go back and read the books that came first.

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