Monday, March 19, 2012

ARC Review: The Wolf Who Loved Me by Lydia Dare

A new sexy Regency paranormal trilogy from bestselling author Lydia Dare. The Hadley brothers are unruly Lycans (werewolves) who need to learn how to behave in polite society. Can this pack of ‘gentlemen’ be trained in the ways of the ton, or is it too late to teach an old Lycan new tricks? Each book chronicles the schooling of a Hadley brother and the woman who tames- or is seduced by - him.

Lady Madeline Hayburn is called upon to lend her respectability to introduce the Hadley brothers to society. Mr. Weston Hadley has a huge chip on his shoulder and a scary scar on his cheek. He admires Lady Hayburn from afar, yet his very presence makes Maddie shiver with desires she never experienced before.

Review by Lynelle:

Weston has been admiring Madeline from afar since the day he laid eyes on her, but Madeline finds his consent attention on her intimidating. They’ve not really exchanged more than a few words in the 3 years since they’ve met. Weston is one of the “Penniless Hadley brothers” and his is reckless, a rouge and very much a sweetheart but he seems to continually make an fool of himself, which I found quite humorous.

Madeline is a respectable lady and is expected to make and adventitious marriage due to her station but she dislikes all the prospective husbands her father parades in front of her. But as these suitors vie for her attention, Weston comes across as her savior and scares them away when he is near due to his penetrating gaze and scared face. She is confused about her feelings for
Weston as she realizes that he would never he a suitable suitor but is still drawn to him.

When one night Madeline witnesses Wes change into his wolf, he has to protect his family and kidnaps her and takes her to Scotland so they can elope so that she will be forced to keep his secret as her reputation will be tied to his. They are chased by Madeline’s father, the duke, and we meet another werewolf along the way. Although Madeline has a few chances to escape
Weston, she chooses to stay with him and see this through.

I thought this story was sweet and I loved how much of a sweetheart Weston was. He knows in society’s eye he is beneath Lady Madeline, but regardless of his feelings for her, he is willing to give her up if that’s what she wants and would be best for her. He wants to be a more respectable man in order to deserve Madeline. Madeline also grows on their adventure. She discovers more about who she is and what she wants and becomes someone who isn’t afraid to let it be known what she desires in life.

This is the first book by Lydia Dare that I’ve read so I wasn’t familiar with any of the stories that came before this one, but I did not feel like that hindered me in understanding to world and the relationships within all the characters involved. I really enjoyed this book and will be looking into reading other books by Lydia Dare.


  1. Ah, this one sounds pretty good to me.

    Thanks for sharing your review!

  2. I love finding books that have a historical (or in this case a Regency era) story to it but also is a paranormal ... my two favorite genres. :) I will definitely have to check into this series. Thank you for the review!