Friday, March 25, 2016

Arc Review: Riverbend Road By Raeanne Thayne


Review: This is only the fourth book in the series by Thayne but the more this series continues the more I love it. Not only does each book have a storyline that draws you in but the characters and the town just make you believe that you are right there with them. 

If you haven't started this series you're in luck because each and every book could be read as a standalone but it's more fun when you start from the beginning of course. 

This story is about the sexy Cade who just so happens to be the Cheif of police in Haven Point. He not only takes his job seriously but he's well liked by the citizens he has sworn to protect. Cade also has a thing for his best friends little sister Wyn who also happens to be one of his deputies. Yikes! After Wyn risks her life to save two boys from a fire Cade suspends her for not listening to orders but Wyn is bringing out feelings he didn't know or shouldn't have about her and with being her boss this could be trouble. 

Wyn became a police officer after her twin brother and father will killed in the line of duty. She only wants to do what is right. Wyn has kept  her feeling for a Cade a secret but after one kiss she doesn't know if and how they can go back to being friends. With the pull of their feelings and her almost dying Wyn had decided that she needs a change in her life and if that means leaving the police department she will do it. Only one person can change her mind but he's a bit stubborn to try. 

This story is all about the road to romance and that's what I love about this series. I even forget there are no hot sex scenes because I'm too involved in what's happening with their relationship and watching it grow. This is a total plus for me. If an author can make me forget that I know the writing is good but don't get me wrong I do wish their were some. *wink* 

I loved each and every character. Of course some secrets come to light and some bad guys enter Haven Point but I love how these people in this town are close and stick together. They help each other out no matter what the circumstances are. If I could live here I totally would! 

Wyn's brothers and sister are in this story and from what I have read in this book they are all single! Hopefully in the future Thayne will have each of them find their HEA. 

I really thought this book was a sweet read. I love the falling in love with best friends sister stories and this one a great one. Hopefully everyone will enjoy this story as much as I did. 

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