Thursday, March 3, 2016

Arc Review: Dirty by Kylie Scott


I have to start off by saying this book was absolutely hilarious! The dialogue and the banter captured me from the beginning and honestly it didn't stop. I couldn't put this down and stayed up well past my bedtime just to finish it. Since this was my first Scott book I didn't know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome! 

It's Lydia's wedding day and while it's almost time to walk down the aisle she gets a video from a blocked number. When she opens it she finds a video of her husband to be and the best men! After the shock she just knows she has to get out of there and let him deal with the mess he caused so she plans the great escape and ends up in the bathtub of the next door neighbor. Lydia only plans to hide out until things die down but the naked man she encounters needs some answers before she can leave. 

This comedy/ romance definitely caught my attention and kept it. I didn't encounter not a boring part throughout the entire book. Since I didn't read the series before this I had no idea this was a spinoff but if this book is anything like the other series I definitely want to read it. 

Vaughan and Lydia had great banter and definitely knew how to heat up the sheets. In the short time they knew each other they just opened up and told each other things normally they never would. They started out as friends then quickly became naked friends but it didn't stop there. These two characters had something more and you could see it right away. 

The one thing I didn't like was that we only got Lydia's side of what she was thinking and feeling. I would have love to know Vaughan's thoughts on finding her and falling for her. Although Lydia was very entertaining I just felt like that Vaughan's thoughts could only have made this story even better. 

So of course in a standard romance there is always drama and Scott did not disappoint on that. Not only was there drama in Vaughan and Lydia's life but also in the secondary characters that were mentioned. At one point I thought oh shit what will happen next but each little bit of drama just made me want to read more! 

Honestly if you're looking for a good funny read that has romance, a hot tattooed man and steamy sex scenes I would definitely pick up this book to read if you don't you are missing out! 

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