Saturday, March 12, 2016

Arc Review: The Do-Over by L.E. Bross


This isn't my first book by Bross but as the books continue to come out the more fond I grow of her writing. 

In this new contemporary story by Bross we meet Mel who is back in Maine to get her life back on track. Mel thought the scandal of her ex husbands cheating and insider trading would break her but she isn't ready to give up yet. There are somethings she needs to do first and by fixing up the cottage and selling it might be her ticket back to New York but that was before the handsome Eli shows up. Now she has to choose her if she wants her old life back or does she want a new life with Eli. 

Eli returned to Maine with his tail between his legs. Not only did he find out his fiancé was unfaithful but that his art work just wasn't he thought it would be. Since he has been back he hasn't created anything but after meeting Mel he starts creating a new piece and while his feelings are starting to grow he isn't sure if it's enough to keep her there. 

For starts I really liked these two characters. They both went through some changes and came out stronger then they were before. Although they are different personality wise they understand each other and know what's it like to have their worlds changed before their eyes. Mel came off as uptight and a stickler for the rules but after hanging out and getting to know Eli you can see the changes in her which I loved. She became more fun and open. Eli on the other hand was fun and friendly but I really loved how he kept sticking his foot in his mouth when he was around Mel. 

Bross really made these characters stand out and the storyline was interesting and had me wondering what would happen and when. I liked that her ex husband did something more then just cheat. 

As far as the romance went these two didn't start out on the friendliest terms but Bross brought humor to them going back and forth and getting on each other's nerves. Yes they were attracted to one another since they first met but I felt their banter just made the story so much better. 

I actually had a few favorite scenes while reading but one of the ones that stood out is when Eli throws Mel in the ocean and when Mel gets him back. It was fun, flirty and made these two even matched. 

After reading this story I am really excited to see what other stories will be coming from Bross. 

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