Thursday, February 12, 2015

Review: All for You (Shore Secrets #2) by Christi Barth

Small-town park ranger Casey Hobbes has spent her life under the radar, carefully guarding a secret. "The forest flirt," as her best friend calls her, keeps things casual with men. That way she'll never care enough to be tempted to share the truth about her past. But when she spots a half-naked stranger on the lake's edge, Casey can't resist his muscles or his charm and she's all-in for enjoying both, while keeping emotion out of it. What could be the danger of one summer fling?

Professor Zane Buchanan has built his entire career on exposing the dark realities of cults, but one—the Sunshine Seekers—remains infuriatingly impossible to crack. Zane's shocked to discover its sole anonymous survivor is hiding in his new hometown. It's nearly impossible to concentrate on work, however, when he's derailed by his attraction to the beautiful blonde in khaki uniform shorts.

As things between Casey and Zane heat up, she struggles with keeping her past from him. And Zane's on a quest to expose the truth, no matter the consequences. Will their growing emotions finally unseal Casey's big secret? Or will she turn her back on love to keep the past safely buried?

100,000 words    
Kindle Edition
Published February 9th 2015 by Carina Press

edition language
When I first started this book I was quickly drawn into the cute banter between Zane and Casey. I couldn't help but route for them from the beginning when the first met to the very end. The attraction was there so all they needed was the romance.

When Zane shows up at her work with a picnic basket I literally swooned. He melted my heart on how sweet and thoughtful he was being. It was the perfect set up for this park ranger.

I loved that Casey had a secret past and she isn't really sure after what Zane actually does for a living if she can trust him with not only her secret but with Dawn's as well. She might be worried he can use it to help his career.

I absolutely Loved how they had a town journal and you can write whatever you wish from proposals to love letters, advice and everything in between, it was super cute.

While reading I couldn't remember if I actually did the first book in the series, but as I was reading and the journal was brought up I realized I did. This series stuck out because of the journal which was not only unique but a plus in my book.

Now I can't wait to read the next book in the series! I am dying to find out what happens between piper and wade!! I am so routing for them!

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