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Sing For Me Excerpt & Giveaway with Gracie Madison

Sing For Me by Gracie Madison
Publication date: January 23rd 2015
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal Romance


Madeline Noel fled war-torn Heaven to hide within the mortal world, but the blessing that could protect her from evil is the holy realm’s forbidden power.

As a talented soprano for the Eden Theatre Company, Madeline hides among prima donnas and tone-deaf flutists. Her perfect voice may entertain audiences, but a careless laugh may shatter glass, and her greatest scream can kill. To control her unrestrained voice, the angels forbid Madeline from embracing the emotions that strengthen her song. Anger. Fear.

The demon-hunter Damascus vows to defend Madeline from Hell’s relentless evil, but he cannot protect her from her own feelings. Though they deny their dangerous attraction, her guardian becomes her greatest temptation.

Surrendering to desire may awaken the gift suppressed within Madeline’s soul, and neither Heaven nor Hell will allow such absolute power to exist.


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Madeline hoped her voice didn’t reflect her desperation. The pain crushed her from the inside out.

“I have been hiding for a year. Most of my sisters were murdered, and I am next. I can’t sleep. I can’t eat. I’m terrified of the dark, of loud noises, of letting my guard down…”  Her honesty was as dangerous as an uncontrolled voice. “I’m afraid of losing you. The only peace I’ve found is within the theater, where I can sing and act and forget all of these horrible, frightening secrets.”

“I understand—”

“You’ll stay with me in the theater. I’ll never be alone. No demon is stupid enough to attack in a crowd. We’ll be prepared.”

The glow surrounding Damascus faded into the dim light cast from the only surviving bulb in the room. His pause threaded her with victory.

“It’s foolish,” he said.

“It’s what I want.”

Her voice cracked. A tear stained her cheek. She wiped it away. Another followed. She dried them, stifled the suffocating threat of sorrow, and wished to escape every dangerous thought fleeting through her mind. But what worked for eons tickled her cheek with more tears. It damned her more than any scream.

“Stay calm, Magdala.”

“It’s not fair.” Her composure wavered as he approached. “We are the Chosen. We were given free will. Why am I not permitted to experience it? Why can’t we be together?”

“It’s too dangerous. Your voice would be uncontrolled if we surrendered to an emotion as powerful as desire. The Realm forbids it. I won’t let you get hurt because you lose control.”

“Let me try!” She covered her mouth, but her words trembled her body. “The Realm would have me die without knowing how it feels to be with you—”

Damascus captured her before she fought him away. His lips lowered onto hers.

Madeline faded into light. She stood still, uncertain and timid, as he guided her against him. Her groaned surprised them both, the burst of emotion unguarded and pure as he kissed her, nibbled her parted lips. Everything suppressed and hidden, forbidden and wonderful throbbed within her.

Safety. Surprise. Relief.


But it was her broken sob which startled her, her voice cracking as she pushed him away.

“I’m sorry.” He released her with a curse. “I didn’t, I shouldn’t have—”

“You can’t be here, Damascus.”

“It will not happen again.”

“I can’t do this.”

“I know. It was a mistake.”

Madeline shook her head. “Please go.”

Damascus repeated her name. She fought the call, rubbing her temples as the frustration and pain and bursting excitement twisted within a barely contained cry.

“I never meant to hurt you,” Damascus said. “Tell me what I can do.”

“Let Corinth kill me.”


His fingers gently brushed the tears from her cheek. Madeline took his hand only to push it away.

She swore it would be the last time she ever touched him.

“Why should I live if I will spend all of eternity heartbroken?”

Gracie Madison would spend every day, all day writing…if it were socially acceptable.  Ever since she was a little girl scribbling with a crayon, Gracie’s dedicated herself to her books and all the supernatural and paranormal, creepy and beautiful stories and characters born within the pages. Now Gracie is committed to finally sharing those books with the world.  When the laptop is pried from her hands, Gracie is probably working her day job, rooting on the Steelers, or out with her husband searching for Pittsburgh’s best sushi.

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