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Guest Post & Feature by Beth Kery/Bethany Kane

First Kiss: by Beth Kery/Bethany Kane

Have you ever seen a corticol homunculus? And how in that world does that weird question relate to my article about kissing?

A corticol homunculus is a visual representation of what areas of our body are the most packed with nerves and take up the largest areas of the cortex. And um….I think it’ll be pretty obvious that the lips, mouth and tongue have gotten a lot more wiring for sensitivity than even—yep, it’s all right there—the genitals. (Yes, the female homunculus would look really similar to this male one).

Pucker up, little guy.

So just on a technical basis, a kiss has got to be one of the most important acts of lovemaking. Two mouths sliding together, rubbing, shaping, stimulating each other…what other area of the body can feel pressure and heat and absorb taste all at once? You better reconsider that mouth of yours. It’s a veritable sensual feast and explorer all at once.

Just because a kiss is often one of the first acts of intimacy doesn’t diminish its importance. With all those zinging nerves buzzing the brain, the first kiss is going to be the first real indicator of whether or not a couple is sexually compatible. We all know what it means to be turned on or off by another human being’s taste, to become overwhelmed by a kiss. Why should we trust our kiss-instincts?

Because as you can see from the homunculus, the mouth is one of the wisest, most acute erogenous zones on the body. The mouth knows what it likes.

(And by the way, the homunculus suddenly makes foot fetishes just a little more comprehensible, no?)

Here’s a first kiss excerpt from Bound to You to illustrate my point. Who better to have mastered the art of kissing besides a blind man whose sense of touch and taste are exquisitely refined? This excerpt highlights why John is so capable of turning Jennifer’s worst fear—the darkness—into a sensual world she’s never glimpsed until that moment.

First Kiss Excerpt: Bound to You, a One Night of Passion novella by Bethany Kane

“Just close your eyes, then,” he murmured, his warm breath brushing across her left temple. “There’s a whole world in the darkness, and it can be a wonderful place. Do you want me to show you?”

“Yes,” she whispered, the kisses he rained on her temple and along her hairline capturing her entire attention. He placed his warm mouth over her ear, the resulting suction from his kiss causing a shudder of pleasure to go through her. She touched his waist and looped her arms around him. “Show me, John. Please.”

He opened his hand at her lower back and brought her flush against him. With his other hand, he cradled her jaw and lifted it.

His mouth covering her own made the fearful shadows lurking in her awareness scatter like a horde of shooed flies.

She moaned into his mouth. Something inside her recognized the taste of sex and power and virility. She kissed him back without thought, abandoning herself to instinct and lust, for there was forgetfulness there…

And safety.

He didn’t only kiss her forcefully, but also with finesse and subtlety, shaping her mouth to his, using some of the most sensitive erogenous zones in the body to caress and coax and fuse. Her clit pinched in arousal. This wasn’t just a kiss; it was sex, pure and simple. Bodies pressing, rubbing, yearning; tastes mingling, lips molding, tongues dueling; Jennifer losing the battle for control…and winning gloriously. She would have ravished him herself if he wasn’t so clearly the ravisher. As it was, she became dizzy beneath his dominance of her senses.

He broke their kiss and leaned down over her, pressing the side of his face next to her head so that she heard his slightly escalated breath in her ear.

“Where the hell did you learn to kiss like that?” he rasped.

“Where’d you?” she whispered as her hands moved over his chest, undoing buttons, seeking out skin.

Bound to You, available now in ebook for 2.99, at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Apple, and other distributors.

Thank Beth for coming by :)

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