Sunday, February 26, 2012

Guest Post with Author Jennifer August

What I’d love for Valentine’s Day

Hi, there! I’m delighted to be at Lush Book Reviews today. I follow Lush on Twitter and am a total fangirl! Thank you for having me.

In the spirit of romance, love and happily ever after, I gave my boyfriend a list of my top five requests for a fantastic Valentine’s Day. (sex was not on the list because, duh, that’s a given!)

1. Office Supplies. I’m a writer and, like most of us, I am deeply enamored of all things related to paper and pens. In fact, I even gave him the name, color and size of a set of pens I was jonesing for (Papermate’s new InkJoy pens, white, 700). They write so smoothly it makes plotting on paper a joy. I also suggested pretty file folders, highlighters and Post-It brand notes in fun shapes.

2. Gift cards to Amazon or B&N. I am also a huge reader. I just received my first Kindle and I absolutely adore it. This is ironic for him, because he tried to buy me one for Valentine’s Day just a few months after we started dating, but I refused to allow it. I thought it was too expensive for only having dated three months! I love having hundreds of books from my favorite authors always with me but without the weight. I do still love going to the store, browsing the shelves and picking up traditional paper books, too.

3. Socks. Have you figured out I’m slightly loony? I adore socks. Not the usual white sports kind but the wacky, colorful and printed kind. Unicorns, puppies, pink, yellow, you name it, I’d like to have it!

4. Cookie cutters. When I’m not writing, I like to cook and I especially love to bake. I saw a super cute set of 100 cookie cutters at Bed, Bath & Beyond and knew I had to have them! Since I know he loves my cookies -- he calls them crack cookies -- I’m pretty sure this is a given.

5. Scentsy bricks. I just discovered these and can’t believe how fragrant and long-lasting they are. My current favorite is My Dear Watson. I use it when writing because it’s both sensual and masculine and delicious. Perfect for conjuring up just the right tone for romping!

What’s on your Valentine’s Day must-have list that might raise eyebrows?

Happy reading and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Jennifer August writes historical and contemporary romance novels with twists of BDSM and/or paranormal activity, depending on her mood. She likes twisting her  characters into all sorts of knots whether it’s hemp or emotional torture.

She loves to hear from readers! Email her at; follow her on Twitter @jennifer_august and friend her on Facebook.
Her current release, Keys to Submission, is available from Red Sage Publishing. Her next release, Enlightened, comes out in May 2012 from Siren Publishing.

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  1. Hahaha, what a great list! My list wasn't quite do inventive. Books (feeds my addiction), and chocolate (to go along with the sex that wasn't on my list either because as you say it's a given hehehe)!