Saturday, March 12, 2011

Welcome Katy Walters

Please welcome Author Katy Walters!! Welcome Katy!! I am so glad to have you here today. 

 Hi Katy!! Why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I live  on the South Coast of England with my husband  and golden retriever Lily.  I started off as a singer, studying opera but going into cabaret.  It meant a lot of touring and traveling abroad but I missed my boyfriend terribly.  So I I went back studying and obtained degrees in psychology, philosophy, religion and mysticism.  It became  my life’s passion.  Over the years, whilst treating people I would sometimes use creative writing as a cathartic technique, where they would write down their fears, their life history and so on. Gradually I became very involved and immersed and began writing myself. So the clients really helped me to begin writing again. 

WOW!!! When did you know you really wanted to be a writer?
Way back in my childhood. I have always written.  I used to write fairy stories for my sister when we were children and she was in a sanatorium for T.B almost every winter.   Throughout my studies and career I would always scribble away at night or on holiday. 
Do you actually write full time or do you something else as well?
Yes and have done so for the past six years. 

That's great!!Why don't you tell everyone about your upcoming release?
I am so excited about this.  This is a thriller with  romance and science fiction interwoven along with prehistoric beliefs and sexual rituals.  In 2065 the bodies of young women are found covered in putrefying snakes with an ancient relic wedged beneath their feet. A note is also left telling the police that other women have been abducted. The police are horrified but also puzzled as to why are some of the young women are murdered whilst others are abducted?
 The hero, Ben Tobin, a Super Cop is an enigma, his identity known only to the few.  He is working undercover for MI8 who exact a terrible price from him - perfection.  Any defects physical or mental spell liquidation. To his horror he develops a phobia of the snakes involved in these grisly murders.  He dare not let MI8 find out.  Desperate he turns to Dr. Lucy Roberts, a rebel in her own field of psychology.  He has to take the chance she will not report him. On finding out his true identity Lucy is repulsed and reluctant to treat him. Ben pleads with her, explaining that he suspects the abducted women are being forced to become sacred prostitutes, sexual slaves in the rituals of a sinister snake cult that follow a prehistoric Goddess.  Lucy relents and they also join forces to solve the secret of the relic which could lead Ben to the cult.  In their fight to save the women, they are drawn into a love-hate relationship. The chase takes them to the dawn of civilization – to the root of Ben’s phobias and a clue to the whereabouts of the victims. 

WOW! Sounds so different and interesting. I cant wait to get my hands finally on it! When is the release date?

July 4th, 2011

How did you come up for the idea of this book?
The idea came from my work. As a psychologist I treated people for neuroses and phobias.  Phobias can be shocking, destroying  a person’s life, their relationships, careers and self-confidence.  I did initially think of writing up fictitious cases based loosely on the conditions I treated, but found that just basing it solely on clients and treatments  it became quite repetitive – it just didn’t bite.    I then hit on the idea of a policeman having a phobia – the flawed hero.    As I have a fear of snakes, I wondered how he would cope if he had to work with the snakes in a murder investigation.  It developed from there. 
Can you tell us a little bit about the hero and heroine? You have me so curious!!

 Ben Tobin is an enigma and his identity is revealed in the fourth and fifths when he is interviewed by Lucy..  He is fighting for the freedom to live and love – to be able to reveal his true identity and be accepted for what he is.  When meeting Lucy, because of what he is, Ben’s personality is almost cold, distant, his whole life is centered around bringing justice to his victims. Sexually he is driven only by lust but yearns to find out what love is. Lucy is the key to  Ben developing beyond what and who he is.
Lucy is a wounded physician. Carl Jung did claim that only the wounded can truly help the suffering.  Lucy is highly sexual, vulnerable yet can be feisty.  At one point Ben thinks she is as mean as her cat. Although repulsed with what Ben truly is, she is smitten, desiring him on sight, falling for his dark hair, sculpted body and startling eyes. During  their stormy relationship Lucy unfolds to Ben that she was the victim of violence.  This holds her back from entering into any full relationship.  It is through Ben that she finds release. 

Yay! I really can't wait to read it. I am so happy for you! I know you mentioned there will be a book 2 & 3... How excited are you?
Very. Already I have the ideas for the next two books and can’t wait to get started on them.  

Well you go get started on those :) Thanks so much for coming by. I really do hope you stop by again. I had fun. 


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