Monday, February 28, 2011

Bonded by Blood (Sweetblood #1) by Laurie London

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Laurie London's debut novel Bonded by Blood was more then excellent! I loved it!

McKenzie Foster -Shaw  enjoys taking pictures of new movie locations. As it just so happens today she finds herself in a very creepy cemetery. While there she comes across an injured man she wants to help. Little does she know she wont remember seeing him once this encounter is over.

Dominic Serrano is a good vampire. Now that he has caught McKenzie's scent, he has to taste her. He does in fact find the strength to stop drinking from her but only barely. He ends up giving her just a few drops of his blood to make sure she survives. Dom drops her off at her house, but will he be able to stay away?

McKenzie and Dom end up encountering each other several times and each time just gets more explosive. Not only are they attracted to each other, but come to find out they are Bonded by Blood.

Not only was this story easy to get into, but the world that London built is so hard to resist. The building of the sexual tension keeps you on your toes and plays out perfectly. The characters stand out just liked I hoped they would. Dom is not the classic male. He is more on the emotional, yet understanding side so I grew a soft spot for him fast. McKenzie is feisty and is ready to get all the answers to her questions. Although I liked McKenzie, I didn't really connect with her, but that was okay. I wasn't disappointed at all.

I absolutely loved Dom! He had a traumatic past but came out triumphant and I loved every single minute of it. I also loved him and McKenzie as a couple and how close they became. They started out slow in the whole getting to know each other and wow Dom was so good at that. Taking his sweet time....perfect. The side characters interested me more and more as it progressed. So now I really cant wait for the next release. 

The plot was very well written. It all flowed so nicely. Of course their are questions you will ask yourself but of course as in any good series you have to wait for the answers. I have a feeling the bigger picture will be more then extraordinary. I honestly cant wait to see where Laurie London will take us with the second book in this phenomenal series, Embraced by Blood, which is set to release July 2011. 

The journey that London takes you on is fantastic. This is a nice addition to all the vamp novels out there. She has earned her place up their with the best and I will continue on this ride. If you love vampires, romance, fun, and adventure this is the book for you. Happy Reading :)

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  1. Great review! I think I'll have to bump this up in my TBR pile. Check out my blog sometime if you can: Escape by Fiction

    Good Reading!!!