Sunday, February 13, 2011

Deep in the Heat of Texas by Alta Hensley, Melissa Ecker, and Amy le Blanc

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Three fabulous authors together in one book is just the beginning of this journey. I never would have thought how much fun it would be visiting Texas, but after this steamy read, visiting just sounds more and more appealing. 

Los Angeles Times reporter, Maggie Wright, is assigned to do a story on the dying dude ranch industry in the south. When the newspaper offers to foot the bill for Maggie and her two friends, Payton Evans and Sophia Foster, to stay at the legendary Weston Ranch in Valentine, Texas, they jump at the opportunity. While it's not the Caribbean cruise they wanted, how bad could it be?
Expecting a tired farm with dusty old cowpokes, the three big city friends are taken by surprise when they're each assigned to a dashing cowboy or two for some good, old fashioned ranch training and a whole lot of rough riding. Their limits are tested in ways they never imagined, both in the bedroom and out on the range. After two weeks, will the women run back to the bright lights of Los Angeles without so much as a backward glance? Or will these skilled cowboys have them longing to stay for just a little bit more of their Texas-style heat?
These three stories will heat you up. They will also make you pant and drool. Caution things do get steamy. Hensley, Ecker, and Le Blanc make you want to pack up your belongings and head to Texas right that very minute. The women in the stories were strong, educated and beautiful, but each of them missing something in their life. Going on this getaway will help them find what they have been longing for but unable to find until now. They are all different but yet the same in a way. But this trip to Texas will change them all.

I actually adore these hot cowboys. Definitely swoon worthy. Not only were they Alphas but they had good hearts. Adoring them is a understatement, their characters just tend to jump out at you with each turn of the page. They are so hot *fans self*, I couldn't help getting sucked into ranch life.
Hensley, Ecker, and Le Blanc can really make your heart pound and blood boil. Not only are these women talented but they bring a new excitement not only to the erotic genre but the romance genre as well. They give you hot and heavy attraction and passion. And a happy ending is guaranteed. I loved the fact it wasn't so far fetched and it was nicely detailed. Everything blended together perfectly so while reading it had a nice flow. I found myself not being able to put it down.

Deep in the Heat of Texas will knock your socks off. Overall I really loved and enjoyed this book. I recommend it not only for Valentines Day but all year long. The sex is swoon and drool worthy. I hope in the future they will do another book.  And after reading this I never wanted a cowboy so much *smiles sweetly*  So saddle up and enjoy the ride of this Texas ranch.

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