Monday, December 19, 2016

Review : Light After Dark by Marie Force

Mallory Vaughn is at a crossroads in her life. A year after learning that Big Mac McCarthy is her father, she’s spending more and more time on Gansett Island, surrounded by the large and boisterous McCarthy family. When she’s laid off from her longtime job, Mallory goes to visit her family on Gansett and tries to figure out the next chapter. An unexpected job offer will have her packing up her home in Providence to move to the island for at least the summer, if not longer. She decides to make this the “Summer of Mallory,” full of new adventures, new people and new opportunities. Will a new love also be part of the Summer of Mallory? Anything is possible on Gansett Island, especially true love. 

Take the ferry back to Gansett to catch up with the McCarthy family and their friends. Be on hand as Laura and Owen welcome their twins and the family comes back together for another summer of love and adventure on Gansett Island.     

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When I originally started the Gansett Island series I had no clue we would get 16 books but it was such a plus. I always loved big families and Marie Force always gives them so much in love, heartbreak and healing. Once I found out that Big Mac had a daughter that he new nothing about I was hoping in time that we would get her story and I'm so glad Mallory will get her happily ever after while getting to know the family she never knew.

Over the past year Mallory has gone through some big changes in getting a big family, loosing her mom, and just recently let go from her job. She heads to Gansett Island to clear her head to find out what will be next for her, but what she never expected was to find love again and want to stay on the island.

Mallory hasn't had a easy life and she is still struggling with the fact that her mother never told her about her father until her death. While on the island she finds a summer job as a paramedic but when she is offered a more permanent job as nursing director for the new facility that is set to open she really needs to think it through. It will mean she will be on the island closer to the family that she is getting to know but also to the man she recently started dating.

Readers will fall in love with Mallory's love interest as much as I did. He's a great guy who also has had hard times. He just also recently moved to the island to be closer to his bother and oversee the new facility that will be opening in a matter of time. As Mallory and him get closer they start to open up about their pasts and find out that they actually have some things in common. I really liked them together and thought Ms. Force did an excellent job on pairing them together.

The one issues I had with Light After Dark was with so much going on with catching up with all the previous couples I didn't really completely enjoy their building romance as much as I thought I would. They got a little lost in everything else that was going on, but I enjoy keeping up with everyone and some of my favorite parts is when they all were together bickering and having a good time.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading Light After Dark and I am looking forward to continuing this series. If you haven't started this series there is still time and trust me these characters and this island makes you feel like you live there right along with them.

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