Sunday, June 7, 2015

ARC Review: Finding Master Right by Sparrow Beckett

Kate’s fantasies have always featured sexy, dominant, crop-wielding men, but finding one in real life was easier said than done. She’s used to getting what she wants, but the creeps that keep flirting with her aren’t her kink.

Enter Banner. His intensity scares her—he’s looking for a slave, and Kate doesn’t want to be one. But when he offers to help find the perfect Dom for her, she’s glad to have a matchmaker and protector.

Banner knows he and Kate aren’t sexually compatible, so what better way to get the tasty almost-vanilla girl out of his head than finding her a good Dom? As it becomes clear that Kate has no clue what she wants when it comes to kink, he devises a series of experiments to help her figure things out—a perfect plan, if he could stop himself from training and bedding her. Obsessing about owning a girl who wants to be free isn’t healthy. But when Banner finds the right Dom to collar Kate, how will he hand over the leash?

Kindle Edition
Expected publication: July 21st 2015 by InterMix
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This book had some serious hot scenes and I liked the characters. They were total opposites but yet they seemed to work. Their attraction you can see from the beginning but they both have an idea in their heads that the other person might not be the one for them.

Although Banner and Kate begin to spend more time together during her training and in and out of bed they still are looking for other people. You can tell right away after the first session that they both are starting to care for one another but of course that isn't part of the grand plan.

I liked that Kate was strong, snarky and independent. I admired that she wanted to try new things and was open to a new lifestyle. I think the way Banner was helping her also helped her self esteem even though she felt knocked down at times.

I liked how Banner had a certain woman in mind and that he didn't see it could be Kate but the more time he spent with her you could see the conflict within himself and figuring out that Kate was the one for him in the long run.

I enjoyed the banter with the other doms some of the comments they through back and forth to one another were funny. Their was also an emotional side to this story that included Kate and Banner but it also included Banners family which I thought was a nice touch. Getting into the family made me see more of why maybe banner does what he does and why Kate is the way she is.

I can't wait to see where this series goes and what is in store for Banters two best friends.

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