Monday, August 25, 2014

Q & A with Author Jewel E. Ann

1.)    Do you have any pet peeves?

Gum in parking lotsnot washing hands after using the bathroomdog poop in my front yard that doesnt belong to my dog. I try not to dwell on stuff so I dont have any major pet peeves.

2.)    Describe Undeniably You in 3 words

Laughter Tears Unforgettable

3.)    Is there anything readers absolutely need to know about Lautner? How does he differ from other romance heroes?

Lautner is THE book boyfriend. I worked with my sister on the concept for this book and we both agreed on one thing Lautner was to be the untarnished hero.

Lautner is NEVER a jerk. Hes handsome, athletic, playful, funny, giving, smart, sexy, and his love for Sydney is “…a goddamn soul-shattering love that will never, ever be matched.

4.)    Name 3 things that are in your immediate vicinity.

My dog, Cleo. Slice of watermelon. Lego spaceship.

5.)    Many readers say they had to skip to the end of Undeniably You because they couldnt wait to find out what happens. Is that something you do when reading? Or do you love the excitement and tension of not knowing what comes next?

I dont skip to the end and its rare for me to not finish a book. There have been a few books with such dark subject matter that Ive taken a break, but I finish them unless the writing is so poor I cant get into the story at all.

I love the ride. I want a story to elicit every possible emotion and keep me guessing, hoping, or on the edge of my seat with worry until the very end. Drama? Bring it on. Characters making poor choices? Love it! I need a story, not just a three-hundred page account of sex and characters who can do no wrong. So as you can probably guess I write love stories, not just descriptive romance.


About Jewel E. Ann:

Jewel is a free-spirited romance junkie with a quirky sense of humor.

With 10 years of flossing lectures under her belt, she took early retirement from her dental hygiene career to stay home with her three awesome boys and manage the family business.

After her best friend of nearly 30 years suggested a few books from the Contemporary Romance genre, Jewel was hooked. Devouring two and three books a week but still craving more, she decided to practice sustainable reading, AKA writing.

When she's not donning her cape and saving the planet one tree at a time, she enjoys yoga with friends, good food with family, rock climbing with her kids, watching How I Met Your Mother reruns, and of course…heart-wrenching, tear-jerking, panty-scorching novels.


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