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Guest Post & Giveaway with Elley Arden

Elley Arden is back with a new sexy and emotional romance that will make you cry and swoon, all at the same time, with MARRIAGE BY DESIGN, book 2 of the Designing Love series.


When carpenter Angie Corcarelli goes steel-toe boot to high-polished loafer with her best friend’s ex, construction engineer Stuart Perrault, sparks fly in Elley Arden’s latest Designing Love novel, Marriage by Design.


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Family first. That motto led Angie Corcarelli to become a carpenter and take over the family construction business when she was barely out of her teens. And now it’s leading her into battle against her best friend’s ex. Stuart Perrault and his swanky, family-run construction engineering firm have been tapped to oversee a highway project that includes demolishing a stretch of row homes. Over her dead body will it come to that. Stuart Perrault knows a thing or two about family allegiance. For the past fifteen years, he’s been working alongside his brother and father, dreaming about the day he’d be named CEO of the Perrault Group. But then came the bridge debacle in Paris. And now his dream seems a little further away. As he fights his way back to the top of the company, he isn’t about to watch another project fall apart just because his ex-girlfriend’s best friend is a loose cannon.

When Stuart’s father insists he take Angie out to dinner and neutralize things, he obliges. But has he bitten off more than he can chew? Angie isn’t at all what he expected, and his usual self-control doesn’t seem to work when he’s around her.

The more time Angie spends with Stuart, the harder it is to see him as the bad guy she’d believed him to be. But falling for each other would mean going against their respective families. Are they strong enough for that?




Also in the Designing Love series: BABY BY DESIGN

First Dates: Can You Say Awkward?
The first date I had with my husband resulted in his Pepsi being spilled on my white shorts. It wasn’t pretty (The stain never completely faded.), but his clumsy/nervous streak didn’t stop me from seeing him again. In fact, the awkward moment turned comical fast, and by the end of the night it had endeared him to me. I try to keep that in mind while I’m writing romances.
Awkward moments can be cute, sweet, and heartwarming. They can definitely lead to more dates, like in the following instances from books I’ve written.
In my newest release, Marriage by Design (Designing Love #2), the heroine, Angie Corcarelli, is sitting across a pub table from the hero, Stuart Perrault, who is her business rival, when she realizes he’s somehow become much more. He slips his hand over hers, and she knows that despite her best attempts at deluding herself, this is an actual date … and things between them are about to rocket to a whole new level.
In Heal My Heart (Kemmons Brothers Baseball #3), heroine MJ Rooney pushes hero Dr. Tag Howard to open up about his family only to find out how bad his childhood had been. Multiple times during the evening, she regrets opening her mouth, but it’s that level of intimacy that brings them closer.
And in maybe my favorite awkward-moment-turned-fabulous from Change My Mind (Kemmons Brothers Baseball #2), Centerfielder Grey Kemmons shows up at an event to play surprise escort to his realtor Nel Parker only to realize her entire inquisitive family is there, too. (Nothing like meeting the parents out of the blue!) Nel makes it through the awkward introductions and ensuing conversation, and by the end of the night, she realizes how perfectly Grey fits into her life.
I love it when awkward moments lead to good things.
Of course, awkward moments can also spell the end of a relationship before it begins. I don’t have many instances of lousy first dates in the stories I’ve written, but what I do have is pretty unforgettable. Psychotherapist Maggie Collins, the heroine of Save My Soul (Kemmons Brothers Baseball #1), is in a coffee shop with a man she recently met at a gas pump when he shows off a picture of … wait for it … his wife and eight kids! The man turns out to be a polygamist looking for a second wife.
Can you beat that? I know I can’t. But I’d love to hear about your awkward first dates. If you had one, did it lead to more dates, or did it spell the end of the relationship?

About Elley Arden:

Elley Arden is a born and bred Pennsylvanian who has lived as far west as Utah and as far north as Wisconsin. She drinks wine like it’s water (a slight exaggeration), prefers a night at the ballpark to a night on the town, and believes almond English toffee is the key to happiness.

Charming characters. Emotional stories. Sexy romance.



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