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Guest Post & Giveaway with Sue Grimshaw

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How cliche is that? I always chuckled when I saw posts, magazine articles, news shows that were titled, 'A Day in the Life of . .' only because one persons day is so vastly different from someone elses of the same occupation, but I suppose there are comparable aspects -- like most editors acquire books, right? Or, acquiring editors do -- ahhhhhh so there goes the rub, depends on what type of editor you are.
So here's my gig :)
My title is Category Specialist and Editor at Large - BTW, I LOVE my job -- really, REALLY, really love my job. I've worked in the romance industry for over 20 years (I know, and I'm so young!! Go figure). Connor First, as a book buyer for Borders Group and now for Penguin-Random House Publishing Group -- yes, I've been very fortunate to continue my dream. I enjoy working with new authors and seasoned published authors as everyone has something unique to offer and it is great fun finding that specialness and sharing it with the reader. When we launched the Loveswept line it was during the time US soldiers were returning from Iraq and that particular 'coming home' theme has resonated with readers for quite sometime. An upcoming release of ours, WORTH THE FALL, by debut author, Claudia Connor, delivers an emotional, heart-warming but sexy story about a soldier on leave struggling with how to process the death of a comrade, Matt is dealing with survivor's guilt something that is not unlike soldiers returning from war today. Then, Fifty Shades of Grey took the world by storm and readers could not get enough of that trope. Capitalizing on that, author Tracy Wolff wrote a wonderful story featuring Ethan Frost our hero in RUINED -- which BTW, made her a New York Times bestselling author!! Now, we're all dying for the sequel, ADDICTED - wonder why???
tracy wolffTracy Wolff
I work with mega-international superstars like Julie Cross, her Flirt debut - THIRD DEGREE, touched readers not only for its sensitive content but also because Julie writes reality -- stories you and I can relate to, and I think that resonates with readers more and more today. I think we're looking for something that we can grasp on to and say, yea, I know someone like her, I've had that problem, my friend is dealing with that now - and so on. Don't get me wrong, we still want that 'million-dollar-man' to take us away from our misery :) Laura Marie Altom is going to do that for us in her upcoming release CONTROL -- another crappy cover *sarcasm*New Adult Readers today seem to be looking for angst, do you know what I mean? Stories that are very emotional, even stressful, taking the characters on a rough journey where author's are creating paths that you almost wonder if the H/H will ever make it through to the end! Monica Murphy is an author who has done this so well with her series, beginning with, One Week Girlfriend -- This type of storytelling seems to have started in the New Adult genre but has drifted into mainstream adult romance too. As you can see, acquiring books is one of my favorite aspects of the job but there are many other things I am responsible for too. Like book copy -- we've a crack team of copywriters that know how to entice you to read the books -- I love working with this group as they make me want to read the books all over again and I'm the one who acquired them!!! For example, does this just make you want to click through and purchase?
Riley McKenna knows sex—good sex, bad sex, kinky sex. Her articles in Stiletto magazine are the publication’s most scandalous—and the most read. But when Stiletto’s fiftieth anniversary issue requires her column to get a lot more personal, Riley is forced to confront a long-hidden secret: - sample of copy from JUST ONE NIGHT by Lauren Layne
Right? Got your attention?
How about this one:
Ash Lewis has poured every last ounce of his blood, sweat, and tears into reaching the very top of the professional snowboarding world—until the unthinkable happens. After the biggest competition win of his career, Ash’s mother and father are killed in a tragic accident. Unable to handle the idea of going back out on the snow to pursue the dream his parents shared with him, Ash feels that he has no choice but to walk away from snowboarding forever. Then he meets Tansy Hampton. - sample copy from SHATTERED by Tracy Wolff
I know! See what I'm saying? And, I get to work with these fabulous people!! Then, of course (thank God), there are covers -- you've seen some of the fabulous samples of man-art above -- but there is more . . . prepare yourself . . . and yes, I'm involved in choosing ALL of these -- Fabulous!
isntshelovelyTracy WolffLori AdamsLea Griffithtoni aleoCommittedStacey KennedyCassie Mae
But, you're right, it is not all fun and games. Editing the books can be very heart-wrenching, emotional and painful, because as I read through the authors stories, making minor tweaks here and there (because, they are all really that good - really), I am immersed into their worlds, following their characters on these fabulous journeys (over and over again) as we work through the books preparing them for romance readers everywhere. In the end I’ve created bonds with each of the characters that when I have to leave them I'm torn apart!! -- but, that lasts for only a short time as I move on to the next wonderful book :)Yep -- I love to work with the authors creating the best book eva! It is great fun and something I truly enjoy. The editor's job varies between publishing houses --- some are as involved as I am acquiring, editing, marketing, negotiating, promoting, social media, and so on and others jobs entail another plethora of tasks. But I'll bet, just like myself, the thrill of the job is finding the book readers will enjoy because that is what makes it all worth it. So - that said, do you want to be an editor?

Whatcha' reading today?

Thanks Danielle for having me here today -- in honor of your awesomeness, I'd like to add this giveaway to readers 18 years or older, US only with no purchase required -- Giveaway is a Loveswept eBook of your choosing -- five winners in all!! Peruse through our list here to help you choose should you win - good luck!! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sue's Bio: Category Specialist and Editor at Large - Sue Grimshaw actively acquires for the Penguin-Random House Publishing Group-Ballantine Bantam Dell, Loveswept and Flirt. Previously Sue was employed as Romance Buyer for Borders and Waldenbooks stores for almost sixteen years. Sue works with: New York Times bestselling authors – Virna DePaul, Tracy Wolff, Tina Wainscott and Mira Lyn Kelly; USA Today bestselling authors Stacey Kennedy, Tina Leonard and Bronwen Evans and many more talented writers in the genre! Sue is a previous recipient of the prestigious Vivian Stephens Industry Award from the Romance Writers of America. Other honors include the Melinda Helfer Award from the Romantic Times organization. Sue is one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry and truly enjoys sharing her knowledge of the Romance genre. | | |


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