Friday, November 25, 2011

ARC REVIEW: Kismet: A Serendipity Novella by Carly Phillips

"Elisabetta Gardelli thought she'd spend her days serving coffee and writing obits for the town paper. But then an unexpected opportunity results in her dream job as a real journalist for the (name of paper). Now, divorced and determined to make it on her own, Lissa is assigned to write a series of interviews about entrepreneurs who’ve made their mark at an impressively young age. First up? Wall Street mogul Trevor Dane - Lissa's first love. Lissa hasn't seen Trevor since he left the small town of Serendipity to earn his spot on the right side of the tracks. Ten years have passed but neither has really moved from their super-passionate teenage affair - or the heartbreak that followed. This reunion can be their second chance or it can provide much needed closure. It all depends on Trevor. Can he forgive Lissa or will the past continue to stand in their way?"


Finally after landing her dream job as a journalist, Elisabetta Gardelli is very much determined to make it on her own. With serving coffee and a divorce behind her, she has a series of interviews about entrepreneurs who have made it to the top at a young age. The one thing Lissa wasn’t expecting was to have to interview her very first love Trevor Dane.

Lissa hasn’t seen Trevor since he left Serendipity. The only issue is that they both really haven’t moved on from the teenage love affair. Now this reunion could be their second chance of true love or closure they both need to move on. Can Trevor finally forgive the woman who broke his heart?

You get to meet Lissa in the first book of the series and although I didn’t enjoy her then I have to say she is one of my favorite characters now. After reading about her story I can finally see why she was the way she was. It all makes sense. She gets the chance to reconnect with her past love she never quite got over which I happened to think was bitter sweet.

Carly Phillips writes an outstanding short story about love, heartbreak and forgiveness. It was more than enjoyable to read. Kismet was well written and I didn’t feel cheated out of a story because it was short. It started and ended in a way that is unforgettable and all of it was actually wrapped up perfectly. Phillips has a special way of making you fall in love with her characters. Kismet was really a special treat to the Serendipity series and I can’t wait to continue on reading. This is a must buy for all those who believe a happily ever after can actually happen.

Happy Reading!!!

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  1. I'm here first - do I automatically win? LOL. Can't wait to read this chapter in Carly's Serendipity Series. She is such a great storyteller!

    Sue P.