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Review & Blitz: A FINE MESS by Kelly Siskind


Title: A Fine Mess
Author: Kelly Siskind
Series: Over The Top, #2
On Sale: August 2, 2016
Publisher: Forever
Format: eBook
Price: $3.99 USD

Some guys should come with a warning label…

Sawyer West is Mr. One-Night Stand. He doesn't do relationships or promises or feelings. He's never cared enough to get involved. Until Lily Roberts. She's sweet and shy and sexy as sin, and resisting her is testing his self-control. She believes Sawyer can be a better man, and for the first time in his life, he wants to be. But change isn't easy, and Sawyer would do anything to protect Lily from his past self. Even break his own heart…

Okay finally A Fine Mess by Kelly Siskind is here! It's not like I was stalking her in Dms or anything *cough* but waiting for this book was like the end of the world was coming and I HAD to read it before that. And right away I knew this was going to be another winner and a great addition to already awesome series! 

Siskind kept to her dual povs with Sawyer and Lily which made this read more enjoyable. While this one wasn't as funny as the first book it still held some humor and the characters came off real and had real problems. 

While getting to know Lily I understood why she stayed in a comfortable situation were her boyfriend so long, I mean who really likes change? But Sawyer brought out a different side of her then I was expecting and really enjoyed how easy going he was and also how he accepted her with her faults and all. I also liked how unsure Lily was at times, I thought it just showed how realistic Siskind made her characters because in relationships who is sure about anything? 

Sawyer *sighs* while his childhood was a little messed up he let that really get to his head. Don't get me wrong I loved him but sometimes I really wanted to beat him over the head and say "dude! You are not them!" Sawyer had the right amount of cocky that just helped balance him out as a great character. This man is also has a sweet side that he doesn't show much of but when he did it was swoon worthy. 

The romance was there from the very beginning and because the story was done in dual povs it was shown in their every step. Lily and Sawyer not only had great tension when they were around each other but they also had this sexual chemistry that burned up the pages. 

This series is becoming one of my favorites for many different reasons and honestly I don't want it to end. I love the whole friends falling for friends scenario and how each differ for different reasons. If you enjoy romantic comedies as much as I do you won't want to miss A Fine Mess! 

Kelly- Get ready for me stalking you for book *winks* 


My Perfect Mistake, #1
A Fine Mess, #2


She holds up her new treasure. “Found a good one.” The blue stone in the center of the ring catches the light of a nearby lamp, the thick band decorated with filigree.
“Okay,” I say. “You first.”
She swallows and peeks at me from below her lashes. “There was this man.” Another swallow. “He was a soldier about to be shipped off to war.” She scrapes her teeth over her bottom lip. “He bought this ring but didn’t propose to his girl before he left. He was afraid. He didn’t think he’d do right by her. But he held on to it during every battle, and every horrible night. When he got home and realized he was being foolish”—she looks at me with glassy eyes—“the girl had fallen for someone else.”
Single Lily fights dirty.
My pulse kicks up a notch as I approach her. I stop a foot away and hold out my hand. “The ring, please.” 
Trembling slightly, she places it in my palm, her fingers grazing my skin.
“A man,” I say, turning the band over, “proposed to the girl of his dreams with this ring.” I step closer. “He worshipped her. I mean, she was hot as fuck”—eye roll numero cinco—“but they were meant to be, like real soul mates. Then the unthinkable happened.” I shift my feet until there’s barely an inch between us. 
Self-control at DEFCON 2.
“What happened?” she whispers.
I grin. “A car fell on her. Freak accident. Dropped from the second story of a parking garage. Nasty mess.” I grab her hand and place the ring on her finger as she mumbles something about my maturity. I knock her toe with mine. “Quiet. I’m not done.” Numero seis. I clear my throat. “Although the man loved his wife more than anything, he pawned the ring. He knew it was special. He hoped the next person to buy it could be as lucky in love as he was.”
That stops the eye rolls. 
She looks at the ring, then at me, then back and forth again. 
Her lips part. Her chest rises.
Sirens ring: DEFCON 1.
I’m a thrill seeker. Cliff jumping, fast cars, steep slopes—you name it, I love it. The adrenaline rush gives me Spidey-sense, and my pulse shoots from one hundred to 220 in ten seconds flat.
Leaning in to kiss Lily is like skydiving without a chute.
I don’t give her time to turn me down, not a moment for either of us to overthink. Heart in my throat, I taste her lips. Yep, strawberry. She’s soft and tentative, then eager, a whimper escaping when our tongues swipe. I grip her harder and walk until I have her pressed against a table. She tugs my hair. I grab her ass. The next whimper is louder, the sound shredding what’s left of my self-control. I need to hear what other sounds she makes, need to hear her fall apart. Will she chant my name or pray to her maker? Will she scream or groan? Our mouths move faster, hands greedier, my jeans barely containing me. If I don’t stop soon, we’ll be giving these antiques enough stories for another century. 
By the time I pull away, she’s swallowed my heart.


A small-town girl at heart, Kelly moved from the city to open a cheese shop with her husband in Northern Ontario. When she's not neck deep in cheese or out hiking, you can find her, notepad in hand, scribbling down one of the many plot bunnies bouncing around in her head. 

She laughs at her own jokes and has been known to eat her feelings-Gummy Bears heal all. She's also an incurable romantic, devouring romance novels into the wee hours of the morning.


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