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Guest Post and Giveaway with Katie Porter

Guest Post: Top 5 Skills of Command Force Alpha Agents by Katie Porter

In the new Katie Porter book, OWN, Carrie Lofty and I (Lorelie Brown) wanted to have a little fun. We’ve got a definite thing for military men, but we wanted to be able to branch out a little. Have different sorts of characters, mostly ones who could color outside the lines, so to speak. So we created Command Force Alpha. It’s a multi-branch agency that specializes in international operations, so they’ve got to have certain skills…

1. Bravery: With the dangerous things they do, CFA agents have to be brave in the sense of not backing down when they know all the way down to their bones that there’s going to be trouble. When OWN opens, hero Evan Sommers has tracked down Katsu Stafford in a pool hall, where she’s hustling some dude at pool for $500. That doesn’t bother Evan. He’s been in and out of dive bars more times than he can count—and more times than his senator father appreciates. 

No, it’s telling Katsu that her father’s been shot that’s the dangerous part for Evan. Then having to haul her to his house for safety, all without thinking about what Katsu would look like kneeling at his feet. That’s what takes bravery. 

2. Espionage: Whether it’s infiltrating a crime family, like Laurie from SNAP does, or getting yourself invited onto a posh yacht sex party like Nicky does in BIND, the boys of CFA do what needs to be done. Yeah. You heard me. Yacht sex party. Nicky gets all the hard assignments.  

3. Weapons: Big guns. Little guns. Just kidding! All CFA agents have *cough* big guns. Plus they know how to shoot pistols, kill bad guys with garrotes and take down buildings with C4 and other assorted explosives. So things go boom and fall down. And they never look back when things are on fire behind them. 
4. Multilingual: Everyone in CFA speaks multiple languages. Evan speaks Russian, plus Serbian, plus I have a feeling that he’s going to take up Japanese. For reasons. (Talking with Katsu in her mother’s language sort of reasons.) But he’s not the only one, by far. The men and women of CFA never know when they’re going to have to whisper sweet nothings in a target’s ear. Think James Bond, except even sexier because he’s talking dirty in French. Yeah. Like that. 

5. Strength: They’re all strong. Built. Fit. All that stuff. Even the people in the team who aren’t big as boulders kind of built, they’re all strong. Alice is tiny and slight, but that doesn’t stop her. She can do those yoga poses where you do a handstand except your knees are on your elbows. Because she’s kick ass. That’s not even counting how deadly she is with a knife. And a shotgun. In OWN, Evan’s got a man’s man sort of body. The kind that goes on the cover of Men’s Health magazine to be drooled at by other guys in a totally no homo kind of way. (Except when it totally is gay and damn that’s hot.) 

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When a mission against the Russian mafia goes south, Colonel Stafford, head of a deep-cover ops team, wrests a hospital-bed promise from his protégé. Although eager to return to the field, Evan Sommers swears to keep the colonel’s daughter, Katsu, safe from retaliation.

The task isn’t simple for the battle-tested Marine Corps captain. Four years have passed since his secret affair with sweet, compliant Katsu. Now she’s a streetwise pool shark who refuses to obey any command.

Kat resists the need for Evan’s protective shadow, until deadly threats expose her vulnerability. Her future depends on this hardened soldier, and their sizzling dynamic reveals what Kat’s bland college dating life lacked—a man with the will and desire to tame her.

Danger creates potent, unexpected scenarios that test their sexual limits, yet a real relationship is impossible. Evan is the warrior who could be her Master, but how can she fully submit? The next mission—even the next knock on the door—could rob Kat of the man she loves.


One day he’d find peace here. 


Like the kind he’d found, so briefly, when Katsu had knelt before him. When she’d bowed her head. When she’d obeyed his commands — not just to the letter, but with such alm, orderly precision. Watching had been hypnotic...and so sexy that had she defied him, stood up and stripped naked, he wouldn’t haven turn on. Sure. Of course he would’ve. But he also would’ve been disappointed. He admired her strength, lived with equal parts admiration and frustration when it came to her stubborn streak, and knew she was one of the whip-crack smartest people he’d ever met. To have that strength humbled was not about bringing her down, but about giving them both a moment of tranquility.

Control and obedience.

Dominance and submission.


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Katie Porter is the award-winning co-writing team of Lorelie Brown and Carrie Lofty, friends of nearly seven years. After wishing, scheming and planning, they finally share an office in the Chicago area.

Both are multi-published in several romance genres. Carrie holds an MA in history, loves movies, and has no fear of gross things like dissecting formaldehyde sharks. Her two daughters aren’t appreciative. Lorelie is a US Army veteran and true-crime devotee, whose three boys love when she screams like a little girl around spiders. 

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