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Excerpt & Giveaway with Debbie Mason


Christmas in July

by Debbie Mason


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Elements/Tags: romance, Christmas

Series: Christmas, Colorado, #2

Publisher: Grand Central/Forever

Publishing Date: June 24, 2014

Format: Print and Ebook

Length: 416 Pages



Back Cover:


Grace Flaherty had given up hope of ever seeing her husband again. After all, it'd been over a year since he went missing in combat. So when he strides through the door of her bakery in downtown Christmas one sunny afternoon, she can hardly believe her eyes. But her happily-ever-after is going to take some effort - because Jack has no memory of his family.


All Jack Flaherty remembers about Christmas is that he couldn't wait to leave town. Now he's a local hero with a wife and son he doesn't know. Even as he struggles to rekindle the romance with his wife, he knows in his heart what he wants: a second chance at love.


"4 Stars! A quintessential romance with everything readers love: familiar and likable characters, clever dialogue and a juicy plot."

~ RT Book Reviews



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Grace tightened her hold on Jack Junior, who wriggled in her arms. “Baby, don’t . . .” She trailed off when everyone started to clap and whistle, to shout, “Welcome home!”
Her husband’s commanding presence filled the entrance to the bakery.  He stood there in his uniform, as  breath-stealingly handsome as she remembered. “Jack,” she whispered, her voice breaking under the strain of the emotion welling up inside her.
He'd looked different in the photos they’d released from Afghanistan. His wavy dark hair had been long, his strong, masculine jaw hidden behind a full beard. Now his hair was shorter, the shadow on his jaw accentuating, rather than hiding, his movie-star good looks. But his eyes were the same startling blue in his deeply tanned face as they’d always been. And now they lasered in on her. 
She felt the weight of the crowd’s attention as they parted to make room for her to go to her husband. Desperate to think of something to say, uncertain what to do, a hot flush worked its way up her face.
Madison took Jack Junior from her and gave Grace a gentle nudge in her husband’s direction. She wanted to run to him, to throw herself in his arms, but there was a guarded look in his eyes that held her back.  He doesn’t remember you, she reminded herself.  He doesn’t love you. 
As if Jack realized how close she was to losing her composure, sympathy darkened his eyes, and he reached her in three confident strides. He hesitated for a heartbreaking moment before drawing her into his arms. 
When he did, she buried her face in the crook of his neck and breathed him in. For months she’d wrapped herself in his sweatshirts, worn them to bed, drawing comfort from the warm, spicy scent that was his and his alone, until one day that faded away, too, just like his memory of her. 
A sob escaped from her parted lips, and then another. The tears she struggled to contain rolled helplessly down her cheeks.
 His strong arms banded around her, his large hand moving in comforting circles on her back. “Don’t cry,” he murmured, his breath warming her ear. “It’s going to be okay.”
She wanted to believe him, wanted to believe his memory would return along with the man she’d fallen in love with. Not the one who’d left for Afghanistan seventeen months ago. Cocooned in his embrace, she pushed her doubts away. All she needed to do was show him how happy they’d once been. She nestled deeper in his arms and immediately sensed his discomfort, the stiffening of the corded muscles in his back.
Embarrassed, she pulled away and swiped at her tear-streaked face. “I’m sorry. I didn’t  mean—” 
Jack Junior broke free from Madison. “No hurt my mama,” he yelled. “
"No, baby, it’s okay. They’re happy tears.” Grace knelt down, opening her arms to him. “He wasn’t . . .” Jack Junior zigzagged past her to hurl himself at his father.
Meet Author Debbie Mason:

Praised as a "writer to watch" by RT Book Reviews, Debbie Mason also writes Scottish-set historical paranormals as Debbie Mazzuca. Her MacLeod series debuted in April 2010 and is said to "combine the passion of Hannah Howell's Highand romances with the seductive fantasy of Karen Marie Moning's bestsellers."
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  1. Love Christmas stories, contemp series books and am reading the first one in this series now.

  2. It looks like an emotional story.