Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lynelle Reviews: The Last Slayer by Nadia Lee

Reviewed by Lynelle 

"Ashera del Cid is a talented demon hunter, but when she kills a demigod's pet dragon, the hunter becomes the hunted. Her only potential ally is Ramiel, a sexy-as-hell demon. Now the two must work together to battle dragons and demigods...and the chemistry crackling between them.

Ramiel has his own reasons for offering Ashera his protection. He knows her true identity and the real reason the demigods want her dead. What he can't predict is how she'll react when she discovers he knew who she was all along...

Ashera is shocked to discover that she is the only daughter of the last slayer. To claim her destiny, she and Ramiel must join forces to face down danger and outwit their enemies. Only then will she be able to truly accept her legacy..."


The Last Slayer is the beginning of a new series about dragons, hunters, slayers, and demons. This story starts off with Ashera, on her 27th birthday, and after finishing a long week of hunting down demons all she wants to do is go home and have some quiet, time off. But she is talked into a last minute assignment to rid a client of a dangerous demon/incubus who has been draining them of Sex(which is a form of essence/magic to a person’s strength that is created during the act of sex and gathered, bottled and sold like a drug) through dreams. 

Ashera is quick to notice something strange and ends up fighting an unexpected demon who marks her(which she doesn’t comprehend what this means). When she comes out of the dreamscape after killing the demon she is faced with a handsome, seductive, powerful stranger who informs her he wants to save her and is very cryptic in what information he discloses and as quick as he came, he disappears. 
Ashera del Cid is a hunter, the best hunter when it comes to hunting demons and incubi as she is driven by a vow she made to herself to hunt down and kill the incubus who killed her first lover. Ashera has grown to believe that she was an orphan, dropped off and easier given up as a baby, and as she bounced around foster homes, this has shaped the type of person Ashera is. She is very blunt about her lack of good looks, but is easy to brush it off. She is a very take charge kind of heroine and I loved her humor and her witty comments. She has a hard time trusting others and this serves as a weakness for her throughout the story. 

She is soon thrust into a whole new world(and dimension) where she fits in more than she ever wanted to with Dragonlord, demigods, dragons, and incubi. Here she is able to team up with Ramiel (the sexy stranger from before) and she is able to learn about the origins of her true heritage and destiny, if she chooses to fulfill it. Ashera has a  very difficult time accepting any of these changes and it seems that whenever she has trouble believing something, or she has trouble with trusting Ramiel (which happens often) she is quick to run away back to the mortal world and try to ignore all that she has discovered. Ashera and Ramiel’s relationship isn’t easy, and she has many insecurities, they have poor communication, but when they make love, she feels that something just fits, but she has a hard time understanding those feelings.  

I had a little trouble getting into this story at the beginning, but I’m going to blame this on my kindle being dumb and deciding to restart itself over and over again. It was very frustrating, grrr. But once that stopped being a problem and could read without that interruption, I was able to get into the story quickly and I had a hard time putting the book down. I loved Ashera and thought she was a great kick-ass heroine with her blunt attitude. I was satisfied with where the book ended in the story but definitely left me hanging for the next book and I’m sure that I will be reading it whenever it comes out.

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