Monday, January 30, 2012

ARC REVIEW: Sweet Stuff (Cupcake Club #2) by Donna Kauffman

"Double Fudge. . .Toasted Coconut. . .Key Lime. . .Strawberry Cream. . .
Every bite is a mouthful of heaven.
And the women of the Cupcake Club are bringing their appetites . . .
Riley Brown never imagined she would find her bliss on Georgia's quiet Sugarberry Island after years of Chicago's city life. With a new career and fantastic new friends, she's got it all--except for eligible men. But a gig staging a renovated beach house delivers a delicious treat--six feet of blue-eyed, gorgeous writer as delectable and Southern as pecan pie. Quinn Brannigan has come to Sugarberry to finish his latest novel in peace, and suddenly Riley has a taste for the bad boy author that no amount of mocha latte buttercream or lemon mousse will satisfy . . .

Riley's friends are rooting for her to give in to her cravings and spice up her life, but it's Quinn who needs to learn that life's menu just might include love, in all its decadent, irresistible flavors. . "

Expected publication: January 31st 2012 by Brava
ISBN 0758266367 (ISBN13: 9780758266361)
edition language English
This story isn’t just about sweets and romance, but friendships that are built to last. Could it get any sweeter?

Riley Brown left her life in Chicago because it had been destroyed. Now that she has moved away from the people and the town she is ready to start all over in Sugarberry. This town happens to be on the quite side and Riley is finally getting another chance at happiness. With a new career and great new friends what could wrong?

Quinn has returned to Sugarberry to get some peace and quiet in order to make some big decisions about his career. The only problem is that he has a novel to complete and he doesn’t have the time for Riley who just so happens to bring some feelings in him that he has only written about.

They find it very hard to deny the attraction between them both, but the first thing they both must do is find out how to move on from their past so that just maybe they can move on to the future.  With the help of some friends they will figure out what needs to be done and what a wonderful life it could really be.

This is only the second book in the series but I can tell this is going to be a promising one. Kauffman touches on trust, desire, friendships, and a promising new love that just needs a little tlc to grow into something amazing. The emotions behind the characters were a big part of the story that kept me intrigued and wanting to find out more. It was a very enjoyable read and I just fell in love with the characters. Every single character made this story more than enjoyable but also delightful.

I can’t wait until book 3 comes out. I am excited to see who will be next to fall in love in the town of Sugarberry. This book was refreshing and a very sweet treat. It made me want to travel there to be swept away.

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