Monday, December 26, 2011

ARC Review: A Town Called Valentine by Emma Cane

"Welcome to Valentine Valley--

where broken hearts come home to mend,
and true love may lie just across the range...

Emily Murphy never thought she'd return to her mom's rustic hometown in the Colorado Mountains. But after her marriage in San Francisco falls apart, leaving her penniless and heartsick, she returns to her old family home to find a new direction for her life. On her first night back, though, a steamy encounter with handsome rancher Nate Thalberg is not the fresh start she had in mind...

Nate has good reason not to trust the determined beauty who just waltzed into town--he's no stranger to betrayal. Besides, she's only there to sell her family's old property and move back out. But as Nate and Emily begin working side-by-side to restore her time-worn building and old family secrets change Emily's perception of herself, both are about to learn how difficult it is to hide from love in a place known far and wide for romance, family ties, and happily-ever-afters: a town called Valentine."

 Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages
Expected publication: February 2nd 2012 by Avon (first published January 24th 2012)
ISBN 0062102273 (ISBN13: 9780062102270)
 Emily Murphy decides to escape to Valentine, Colorado to move on from her old life and start a whole new one. Since Emily is just recently divorced she is hoping to sell the building her mother had left her so she is able to go to college, but that doesn’t even almost cover it. She is just about broke. Who said this was going to be as easy as she planned.

Nate Thalberg, has always lived in Valentine and is the local cowboy who all the woman would love to get a hold of. Unfortunately for them he doesn’t like form meaningful relationships with the women he decides to date. This is a rule for him, but when he meets Emily for the first time at a bar he can’t help but be drawn to her.

Sparks start to fly while they are in the bar and one things leads to a hot kiss. Although they are intrigued by the sparks they are both throwing off she is more than embarrassed and gets out of dodge. Well at least she tries until she finds out that her car won’t start and she must depend on this cowboy to take her to the building.

When they arrive at the building they both realize that it is unsafe for her to be staying there and so good old Nate suggests a room for a night but not at his house but his Aunts. Seeing her in distress brings out the protective side of him and he feels the need to take care of her. Spending time with Emily isn’t as easy as Nate thought it would be and keeping the distance tends to get harder and harder. Developing feelings for each other was never part of the plan.

I loved the attraction and tension between the two main characters. I felt like I was actually on the outside looking in. The way they can’t stay away from each other was just darling. It was as if they were pulled towards each other by an invisible string.

I couldn’t help but love Emily’s character. The way that her confusion took over with Nate was sweet. She wanted to be involved but she was very scared of falling for this sinfully looking cowboy. Nate never wanted to be attached to a woman because the fear of hurting her. Even the side characters will get you more interested and invested for what is to come in this town.

This ended up being a super sweet story that I didn’t want to end. It was emotional, but had it enjoyable parts where you couldn’t help but smile. I am looking forward to seeing if this will be a series and who will be up next to fall in love in Valentine, Colorado. This is a town I can’t wait to return to.

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