Tuesday, October 4, 2011

ARC Review: Belong to Me by Shayla Black

"When FBI analyst Tara Jacobs's fellow agent and best friend goes missing while investigating a sex ring, Tara goes undercover as a submissive in a BDSM club. But no man can top a woman like Tara-until a dangerous Dom takes control of the scene and sets her heart racing. Too bad he's also the man who stole her innocence years ago-and one to whom she'll never submit. But Navy SEAL Logan Edgington knows he alone can protect her-and this time he'll never let her go..."

Paperback, 400 pages
Expected publication: October 4th 2011 by Berkley Heat

ISBN13 9780425243152
primary language English
original title Belong To Me

While starting this book I was praying to the book gods that it wouldn't be like Hunters book. Well, surprise it wasn't. It was so much better.

Loan and Tara were high school sweethearts but when a murder happens the night Tara gives him all of her things between the couple come to an end to save lives. Now 12 years later Tara is an outstanding FBI agent on a mission to save her fellow agent and friend.

Logan is a Seal on leave and he returns to what makes him feel somewhat complete Club Dominion. He’s been celibate for the last five years because lets face the facts no one can compare to his Tara. Tara comes face to face with Logan and is forced to put old feeling a side but can she when she has to be trained by him? He broke her heart, and she wants another Dom, but Logan isn't giving up on winning her back.

I had the hardest time putting this hot little number down! Not only was the sex explosive but the emotions that came with it made me want to hug them both. Their chemistry was just dripping off the pages and makes you want no maybe not want but need them to end up together and happy.

Each book in the series has suspense, emotions and some hot lovin but this book was just wow oh wow. I will say it one of my favorite so far. Shayla takes you on an amazing journey into the world of Dom and Submissive BDSM.

I was really surprised to find out who the sire was because to be honest I didn't even consider that person! Believe me I had a "no fu*king way" moment that had my heart beating fast. It was so serious that when I was done with the book I had to have a moment with Shayla's Assistant! Okay so it wasn't a moment but a series phone call and conversation. Loved this book!!

An excellent plot, lots of explosive sex and the look into this dark world will have you head over heels for this Navy Seal. I mean I have a thing for Seals and now I must have my own like ASAP. I also loved toward the end how she revisits some previous characters from the earlier books. That was a real plus for me. I mean anywhere Deke is I will be sure to follow.

If you have never read this series you have no idea what you are missing. Go out and start them all now because I have a good feeling the series will begin to take off on a new exciting adventure on on the next release. Shayla Black is back and not going anywhere. I cant wait to get my hands on the next book and the release just, well, can not come soon enough to keep me satisfied.


  1. I'm scared to read this one!! The previous book was bdsm gone wrong (for me)

    Do I dare read it? :)

  2. This sounds great, your review has made me put it in my TBR list. But mabe I should start from the beginning as I haven't read any of Black's books. Must go find....